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  1. To help other collectors with similar cases, I have started to make a small blog about this type of error: http://errorcoin.wordpress.com/latvian-proof-error-coin/ My research still goes on, so I will continue to develop this blog. Enjoy!
  2. Thank you very much for answers! This might be one of the first publiced cases with colour partly missing. I don't fully understand term "scarcer". Could you please explain it?
  3. I have a very complicated case, maybe you could help me to find answers. I have a commemorative silver 5 Euro coin issued this year in original round plastic capsule. Coin was issued by national bank in Proof (!) quality and issue limit was 10 000 coins. National bank informed collectors that design of this coin will contain 3 national flags that will be in colours. There are no other designs- just this one with 3 flags in colours. Coin I bought from national bank was with error in its design- 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag were missing (colour is missing on 22.2% of surface where it should have
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