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  1. Look like some nice ones there, there is a guide book to Canadian tokens, pretty accessible. https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Canadian-Official-Whitman-Guidebook/dp/0794822517 https://www.amazon.com/Canadian-Colonial-Tokens-W-K-Cross/dp/0889683689 I use the 2nd one, good book.
  2. A lot of this stuff really does sell as bullion. Unless collectors are willing to buy it a lot higher (mostly they aren't) dealers will pretty much offer the gold value and nothing more. They have to be able to make something on it when they sell it. If you have particularly collectable coins you may get a bit more.
  3. The one looks like Faustina I or II, Roman.
  4. The first looks like a fantasy Roman, the SC below the exergue is not right for the style, what I can see of the legend looks bungled. The 2nd is a poor copy of a Justinian I Byzantine. I agree with the poster who suggested copies or fantasy pieces for tourists.
  5. Babylon was a pre-coinage empire. to me it looks like a cast fake, possibly a fantasy piece of Alexander the great and someone else, possibly one of his generals.
  6. It's greek to me, are there small figures around the head on the obverse? Can you make out what they are?
  7. http://omnicoin.invisionzone.com/uploads/gallery/album_509/gallery_5496_509_285420.jpg http://omnicoin.invisionzone.com/uploads/gallery/album_509/gallery_5496_509_29632.jpg I'm not having any luck today with the image button, here are the links, trying to attach it too. This is a 1500 Batzen from Salzburg, Austria. Ben
  8. I think it may be medieval Spanish, but that is as far as I can go with that. I don't have good references for that time and place, but I have a few similar coins attributed to Spain. Browse Medieval Spanish coins in MA-Shops and you may find one that looks like yours.
  9. I suggest you take a look at the VCoins shops, you may have some luck. That is a pretty low price range for the timeframe you want, but low grade bargain coins can be had for that. Later coins, of say, the Constantine era, could be had in decent quality for that price range.
  10. The 7 is a medieval form of a 5, confusing isn't it! Going to get worse as we go back. Actually it is going to be very difficult very soon! I'm still looking for a 1501, but I have a 1500 on hand. I know dated coins were struck in the 1400s, but there are no easy series like the Hungarian denars to carry us along. Many of the older ones are actually listed in a book I have on early dated coins with descriptions like "6 examples known, 4 in museums".
  11. I'm with ccg on this, that looks like a cast copy, could even be an old one, but not struck.
  12. I hope this works, this should be my 1503 Brandeburg Groschen Ben
  13. Dang, I just picked up a 1506 too! Well fear not on the 1503, that I have, so someone post 05 and 04! I've got 1500 covered too, then it starts to get hard!
  14. Last year my wife got me several very nice ones, that fit well into my collection. Of course I gave her links to the places to buy them.... and to the specific coins... otherwise, well, what Steve said!
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