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  1. "Never clean a coin" Well the reality is most coins have some form of cleaning done. I was recently told that Copper coins can be cleaned with "Vaseline" has anyone heard of this? Is this an acceptable thing to do? I have tried it, & it works really well. should I continue? Or is this frowned upon by coin experts out there?
  2. Picture of my only hammered which I have owned for many years is on it's way... It is for sale or trade....
  3. Thank you Clive. Your opinion & estimate concur the same as "Colin Cooke Coins" whom I trust completely. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the or not. I do feel better about making the purchase. Thanks again. Kevin.
  4. On it,s way. let me know if you get it..
  5. Thank you Clive. I am new to this site & have not worked out how to uplaod pictures. I keep getting a message saying the file is to large. I will try again.
  6. The Cromwell Shilling. Is this coin considered "Rare" Does anyone have any kind of estimate on how many have survived to this day. I am thinking of buying one for, $2500.00 Canadian. It is listed as "GVF Rare" There is no question about the grade, just the price. Is this a good buy.
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