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  1. Toning is the reaction between the target element and the surrounding elements.
  2. Grade just in......PCGS MS68.
  3. It's an Apothecaries' weight. (ie., scruple)
  4. this is where I bought mine: LINK
  5. Wow! I'm happy for the interest. First, the Nikon/Nikor combo it just about the best. There's one lens that is a step up, but very costly, 85mm PC Nikor.(PC-perspective control) The Ott lights are crafting lights, made for realistic lighting. They are easy to shoot with if you set the 'white balance'.
  6. Sigma 90mm Macro, 2 X 13w Ott lights. Many cams are worthy of great pics. It takes learning the cam. As to a DSLR, the Pentax is a fine choice. It's the least costly, smallest. and lightest.
  7. Mark's book is excellent. I took me 4 years to learn what he wrote. As to your surgery. GOD be with you.
  8. I don't mean to be technical, but both coins were at one time graded as 1922 D Ms63RB and 1922 D MS63BN respectively. I had the latter reviewed and re-graded and it is now 1922 Weak D MS63BN. As to your query, the strongest, most vibrant strikes do command a premium. Cameo, Proof-like and NCG star designations to name a few. Mike
  9. This is an old NTC MS66. You can see the reason NTC is garbage due to the obverse rim ding at 5 o'clock. Pretty color though.
  10. Mark, Nice setup and a good use of time. One suggestion, don't use Olive Oil. It turns rancid. Use Mineral Oil instead. Mike
  11. Graded by Dominion Grading Service (DGS) Very nice wood-grained toning with extremely clean fields. The spot on the reverse by the 'O' in ONE is on the plastic. To view impartial pics, go to dominiongrading.com and enter the serial number in the Authentiview. Shipped Priority Mail, Paypal OK. $155.00. Thanks for looking, Mike
  12. sorry about this, flame away.....
  13. Tom, ya gotta love that eagle. Here's a Russian coronation medal, it's got the bird too.
  14. Tom, great pics. How about a pic of the reverse of that ducat? Mike
  15. I think that's a fine suggestion. We can use this thread. (no need to start a new one) Post a pic with any info or question and see what developes. Here: PCGS MS66, Pentax ist DS, 100mm Pentax Macro, tripod, 2x13W OTT lights, Photoshop (PS) color adjust.
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