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  1. Try WWW.coinarchives.com ,if one has been autioned in the past 5 years it might be in there.Phil
  2. I think it is either Hungarian or Polish but I'm not sure.
  3. Well I finally found a Henry III in very nice cond..I also acquired a HenryIV.I am trying to obtain a sizable collection of French kings.The coin prices have soared sky high in a lot of categories.Let me know what you think.Phil
  4. The metal in it is too brittle and lite density to hammer coins for sure.I'm thinking that it was some kind of royal seal.
  5. The lady I bought it from said she bought it from the estate sale of a well known antique collector in her area.She lives in Beverly ,Maryland.
  6. It's 1 and a half inches in diameter.It's about a quarter inch in thickness.I would think if it was a fantasy coin it wouldn't have the letters in mirror image.
  7. It does not show signs of anything being attached at anitime,but most medeival seals were on cords or strings.the movies showed seals as being massive stamps.The reverse side seems to be of a fibrous metal.I do believe it is metal and not stone.Could be meteorite?It has the same composition.
  8. Hi Tiffy ,what do you think of this unknown item.?
  9. Well I have it in hand.It's composition reminds me of lava rock.It is not metal.It is very lite and nonmagnetic.I can see traces of a substance In the incuse portrait area that are like wax and are red.It appears to be an exact likeness from the mysterious portrait of Henry IV since it shows the broach he wore on his head scarf in that portrait.The letters on the right side read( HENRICUS-IV-D-G-ANG).On the left side reads(FR-ET-IMB-REX).On the crown are the numerals IXI.Is it possible that this could be a Royal Seal,hence the red colored waxy substance?I will try to give you a better scan,but
  10. These may help,I can't upload the picture,but the first pic in my gallery is an original photo.Not enhanced.Thanx for the help.It seems to have writing on the crown and the designers intials at the top.I haven't received the item yet ,so I'm going on the photo's supplied by the seller.She said she bought it from a collectors estate in north eastern U.S.
  11. Sorry for the slow response ,I went to bed early last night.
  12. The portrait is incuse also.There is a different picture in my album that shows it more original and not enhanced.
  13. Hey everybody,I found something very unusual.I really don't know what it is.I think it might be a coin die from the Henry IV rule.You can't see the lettering in the photo but it says Henricus IV.Can anybody give me a clue? It's listed in my album as HenryIV, the first two pictures.
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