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  1. It's really the lens that makes the biggest difference IMO. I have a Nikon D300 I use for things like this, but use a Micro-Nikkor (60mm f:2,8D) lens that's optimized for close-in sharpness and focusing: (I just borrowed that image from eBay, so it'll probably only last as long as the listing it came from does!) Micro-Nikkors like this go for somewhere around $250-$300 used. Here's a shot I just posted in another thread taken with one: (I could fill the frame with just one coin using this lens.) Ron
  2. Hello from a new member! I'm here because I wasn't sure where to turn. Decades ago, my grandfather gave me some old coins he'd been saving. The oldest coins are three dimes (actually, I think the 1867 coin is a half-dime?) from 1853, 1833 and 1867. The rest are some silver dimes, buffalo nickles, silver halves, etc. I looked up some values, but I really don't know how to judge condition, or how best to sell them if that's what I end up doing (don't have any kids or family to pass them on to--and I have enough to do w/o picking up another interest!). I know I don't want to take them a
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