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  1. kunker's item's field was cleaned. What auction was in 2005?
  2. The auction company would be happy to give the name of the consignor, but the consignor or his heirs have the right of privacy.
  3. If you would ask SINCONA such question, the answer would surely be "No comments".
  4. SINCONA 2 RUSSIA http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewsale&sid=462&cid=18084&s=b
  5. Pre-view of some top-lots for the next october auction Sincona 2
  6. The russian part of the auction 1, translated into russian, could be viewed and downloaded under http://sincona.com/ There are 2 variants - the text only and the text together with the pictures of 28 most interesting coins. Also you could find there the sale information (the timetable etc.) of the auction and the conditions of sale, both translated into russian.
  7. Please be informed, that the russian part of the auction 1, translated into russian, will be available to download later this week.
  8. Thank you very much for the shedule - it is very usefull to us to not to miss anything! A slight amendment: SINCONA-1 commences June the 29th (sixbid bidding ends June the 28th). Info from http://sincona.com/ Best regards
  9. Auction Preview SINCONA 1 SINCONA AG’s first auction comprises 2826 lots with a total estimation of c. CHF 4,5 Mio. It will be held in the Hotel Savoy-Baur en Ville, Poststrasse 12, Zurich from June 29 to July 1. The auction starts with a group of Ancients (253 lots) with a number of interesting aurei (lots 85 and 91 for example), as well as a group of late Roman and Byzantine gold coins. Albania follows with several patterns and then Belgium, Bulgaria and Denmark. Germany includes 362 lots in which larger series of “Reichsgold” will be found. Single important pieces that should
  10. http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewsale&sid=411 june auction
  11. there is an article about this matter http://www.muenzenwoche.de/de/page/4?&id=520 UBS trennt sich von ihrem Numismatikgeschäft 7. April 2011 – Auf Anfrage der MünzenWoche bestätigte die Presseabteilung der UBS, daß die Bank im Zuge der Konzentration auf das Kerngeschäft ihr Numismatikgeschäft innerhalb der Bank beendet. Kunden werden in Zukunft über einen externen, sehr erfahrenen Partner bedient. Jürg Richter, noch Leiter der Abteilung Gold & Numismatik der USB AG, Basel, antwortet auf die Fragen der MünzenWoche. MünzenWoche: Wer wird der externe Partner sein? Jürg R
  12. http://coins.su/forum/index.php?showtopic=65436&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 this is the coin you are interested in 10 рублей 1978 года. Игры XXII олимпиады Москва-1980. Серия «Быстрее», Велосипед
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