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  1. Thanks for your help and fast response. I do have some desire to keep the coins and maybe even keep my grandfather's collection going, but I wouldn't know where to start. Everything is a bit overwhelming at the moment. He seems to have accumulated a very general collection with little specialisation over many years. Thanks for the link. I will try to identify the silver coins and put them to one side. I had also considered keeping the coins from one particular country, say Australia as there is quite a few of them, and selling the rest. I could use that money to buy to replace the sold coins with more Australian coins. Do you think it is better to have 100 different coins from one country or 100 different coins from all over? Regards
  2. Hello everyone I recently inherited a coin collection. I was wondering if it was worth the effort to sell it or should I just keep it. I have taken photos of some of the coins. Thanks everyone for your input.
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