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  1. Here is a link to my e-bay sales. http://www.ebay.com/sch/jerseyjoe164/m.html?_trksid=p3692 If you are interested I will give in mint and proof sets I'll give a good price for all. Joe
  2. I picked up this Lithuanian proof like 10 centu given out at the fair. I believe 1 of only 500.
  3. Wow just found this thread in a google search. I did not know the baltic coins were " re-released " in the 80's and 90's.
  4. These are not counterfeits but rather coins coneca offered for sale and I picked up a set. I like the offbeat items sometimes. Almost a year later they sent me a piece struck by the canceled die.
  5. These two overlays could help you see what to look for.
  6. I was just looking thru omnicoin and saw a feature where it displays coins people are offering for sale. Being I am fairly freshly back into collecting and really do not know the people I guess I need a little advice. One person whose coins I was looking at had some very nice coins which had great pics. This person has about $250 worth I would like to purchase. When I have bought thru forums in the past I have been on the forum for years and felt I knew and could trust as reputation is everything probably more in coin sales then in most things. I need to know is there a protocol ?
  7. Well I sent 8 of the 1925 centas into pcgs and received grades the other day. 4 in ms66 and 4 in ms67. Once I get these back I will send the rest in. Also some cross overs from NGC. What do you guys think of the grading company's ? Coins of the same grade I have seen from NGC and PCGS shows NGC holds coins to a higher standard. At least for world coins.
  8. Here are some pics of he pcgs 66 I received and another from an original roll I picked up a while ago. I am curious what you guys think the raw one would grade. I sent in 8 and have another 6-8 to send in.
  9. The pcgs insert which holds it in place makes it look round.
  10. I am of Lithuanian heritage as is my wife so I am currently working on this set of coins. Lithuania was a free nation at this time and coind their own money. I was lucky to pick up an original roll of 1925 one centas a couple years ago. I also purchased this slabbed example the other day in PCGS ms66. Comparing the coins from the roll to the 66 example I feel I have at least a dozen that should grade better. And I am grateful for that because not only do I want a set for myself but also my four sons. I will image the coins when I get a macro lens for my new camera but here are some older
  11. I found these interesting because they were issued by the U.S. Government and are hard to come by in uncirculated condition. The following is from " The Official Red Book". 1c....Aluminum....5,000 minted 5c....Aluminum....5,000 minted 10c..Aluminum....5,000 minted 25c..Aluminum....3,000 minted 50c..Aluminum....2,500 minted 1$....Aluminum....2,500 minted 5$....Brass..........1,000 minted 10$..Brass..........1,000 minted Were in circulation for about six months 1935-1936. After which all but 200 sets were redeemed and melted down. Each token is the size of the correspondin
  12. Thought I would share my bingle collection. They were made as part of Roosevelt's "new deal".to midwestern homesteaders who setteled in Palmer, Alaska . undated 1935 uniface tokens were issued .
  13. I looked in the PCGS population report for German 2 euro and they only list 1 type. I thought the might list an "A: and "B" side as they are separately as they do with the U.S. presidential dollars.
  14. Hi. My name is Joe and live in north Jersey in the good ol USA. I have been collecting about 15 years now. I have been away from collecting the past couple years but have started back up again. One of my 15 year old boys has an interest so we will be going to shows together and such. In the past I was mostly into variety US cents. I would buy them enjoy them for a while and either sell them or not pay much attention to them. Now I have a nice set of A.R.R.C Bingles. They are Alaskan tokens issued in 1935 by the govt. My current quest is to complete a high grade uncirculated Lithuanian
  15. Here is a pic of the reverse. Not sure why I couldn't put both pics in the original post.
  16. I am putting togather a set of uncirculated Lithuanian coins for the years 1925, 1936 and 1938. I was recently offered a couple coins described as patterns but die trials may be a more accurate description. I have been able to find almost no information on these and was hoping someone can help. I wouldn't even have a guess as to a reasonable price for these. Thanks Joe EDIT TO ADD : These coins are each struck on one side. For example the 10 c pair I am considering has one coin struck obverse only and another struck reverse only.
  17. Hi . My name is Joe and I am from North Jersey. I will be 46 this coming Sept. I have been collecting U.S coins for about 15 years now. My dad got me started and we shared that for many years. I was mostly into variety cents and high end moderns. Now I find more interest in completing my Lithuanian PRE WWII (1925,1936 & 1938) set and I also have a set of Alaskan Bingle set. Lithuanian Registry Bingle Registry I find I am drawn to the more oddball items. If anyone thinks they can help with my sets or I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me. Joe
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