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  1. Damn, mm, I read that and I'm nearly coverted.
  2. Here's a link, Stu. http://forums.collectors.com/messageview.c...969&STARTPAGE=1
  3. M'lector, what grade you doing?
  4. Damn, how'd I miss that one
  5. figures, with an email addy of snakesq at aol.com
  6. Aside from the color, the date looks somewhat amiss. This is an image of a genuine 5L. The 'dash' between the dates is noticibly higher. Jury still out on this, though.
  7. "I cant sell at ebay, just buy because I dont have a credit card." Ebay doesn't require a CC, Yahoo does.
  8. By flat-breasted, do you mean weakly-struck?
  9. Super eye-candy:
  10. Bizzarreeee... What's the start bid?
  11. These were coins just laying around, not the locked-up stuff. For niobium, I'll probably go fror a bi-met Austria 2003 25 euro. Palladium, a 1967 1/2 hau from Tonga. As for titanium, not much of a choice. Coins have been produced in this element, but working it is very difficult, and the dies wear out almost instantly. This would be a candidate, though:
  12. From the auction: There are many attributes that make this coin unique from the 1916 Mercury Dimes struck for production. Among these differences is the fact that the date (1916) is much smaller and does not protrude from behind Ms. Liberty's neck as on the business strikes. The designer's monogram "AW" is missing behind Ms. Liberty's head. The Winged Liberty Head of this dime is off-set to the right whereas the production strikes are perfectly centered, and the base of her neck comes in contact with the coin's rim at 6 o'clock on the obverse. The motto "In God We Trust" is much larger th
  13. You followed the sign well, beautifulllll!
  14. Brett is about dead-on. What reference are you using for the flat/ round you cite?
  15. Some of you are aware I/Tony make up albums of off the wall collections. Critters, ground scores, tiny coins, counterfeits, ugly busts, nautical, a big Chuckee Cheese, better off forgotten, whorehouse tokes, BIG silver, etc. A little research today, and have created another. Coins made from various metals/alloys. There is a myriad of others, but their composition is so % minute, I don't include them. This now includes: Aluminum " bronze Brass Bronze Chromium Copper Cupro-nickle Gold Iron Lead Maganese alloy " bronze Nickle " brass Silver
  16. "It is a 20th century coin" Let's see...that narrows it to at least 20,000. How 'bout a continent?
  17. 16d


    What did you clean it with?
  18. Check out the diff's between this & buisness strikes: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...gory=41091&rd=1
  19. It's not mine, but found it here: http://www.allposters.com/getthumb.asp?CID...2AC7D229&search Just enter "coins" in search
  20. Get that loan quick, 53 minutes! Still @ $21,212
  21. Heating up. $21,211. 42 bids. 8 hrs. left.
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