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    Waddaya think?

    I went for it. There's nothing that isn't in the phonebook. Who knows, maybe I'll start collecting these bogus checks. I have 4 from Canada. They really look authentic.
  2. I have a 2x2 got in a lot markedKM49 w/o strap with a 130.00 price on it. What I need is a very good shot of the denticle line-up. Theres also 3 marked '53 S.S. I can't find a decent pic anywhere. Do you have some? Thanks BTW the ones on ebay clearly shows a fold.
  3. 16d

    Waddaya think?

    I've found selling on Craigslist 10x better than fleabay. No fees,etc. I sold a lot last week, trading for a cherry VW bus. I now offer a "grabbag" of 300 coins for 1000. One person has contacted me several times. First time in broken English. The last I received this morning, nothing broken about it. You see the info he wants, pretty tame, you can find that in the phonebook. He's not fishing for financial info. The check I can easily find out about. He's local. This is what he writes: I really appreciate your response to my email .I would love to call but am hearing impaired. I want you to c
  4. Top-notch in my book. Took longer to get than I expected, but they seem to be straight-shooters. When I spend 500+, I want it in like 2 minutes!
  5. I see this as a big thumbs-up. It's sort of a breakaway from the token designs recently represented.
  7. Begin@ 22.50 shipped I cover ins. & confirmation End 12/09 Ship U.S. only. PRE- approved can have coin in hand 24 hrs. before paying!!
  8. No proofs, MS 60+ Redder the better. Think cherry. Want to clear out Can. Proofs. Also various pf. sets w/ big silver
  9. 16d

    17-d buff

    g]Found this in a lot I just got (20 pcs.)@ 15.00. I,m really stoked, impressed beyond belief. What would you give it? The scratches on the obv. throws me off, distracting. sorry 'bout the extra pics, haven't done this in awhile
  10. Consider running across a coin set containing 26 coins, one for each letter of the alphabet, would you fancy getting a set, or better yet; one for a y.n. or cheap xmas gift? Just wondering. I've made these for grandkids, thier friends,my friends and given these out as boy scout awards. I really can't think of anything much different, other than offering a given amount of coins from their birth year. Perhaps a handful of coins with animals of the birthyear. It's just that I have thousands of dup.s I need to unload. It would take forevever to sell singely, and I've found that out. Just seems the
  11. Apparently used for other things:
  12. I think you have $2 proof coins from the Cook Islands. I have a few proof Cook sets, seemed overpriced at the time, but with the rise in spot, they appear more reasonable. Id guess about $100, maybe little less. Something like this: BTW, they were issued by the New Zealand mint. Originally @ $189.00 ,
  13. Been one for a long time.Your'e right on all accounts, diverts me from high-buck items. Keith has a terrific site at vecturist.com. He has the i.d. connects. Have 1000'S,most dups. I'm particlar about those w/dates. Lookiny around, you find them in original rolls. Just Tuesday I picked up a St. Louis Mo. Rolla Wellsx30. 1919. Florida Coral Gables,1/2 fare from Kalemazoo, an '83. I do the arcade token thing, too. As well as Chuckee Cheese. Some bring $1000.00+. There's alot out there, fortunitly overlooked. Give ya some pics after the 1st. New camera.
  14. I saw that auction also. Currently @ $3,010. with 19 bids. And still 5 days to go. BTW, the reserve has not been met, being $6,000. I believe there are fewer than 500 of these sets, making the 6 grand highly possible.
  15. As a matter of fact, every time you buy a 16oz bottle of Heinz Catsup, you'll receive the defunct presidential dollar coin of John Kerry. Silver, details please. We go through a ton of the red stuff.
  16. No Philly steelie? I've got a roll of uncs. Send your addy again, T-3. Your set is coming along nicely.
  17. My cents stay put. My drums of raw wire & dozens of radiators are history!
  18. This one recently went for $30.99
  19. "it looks like a distorted large cent." That's how it was classified on ebay. Lg Cents-Other
  20. My Great Duke collection is all audio, cheaper that way.
  21. Don't see these often: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...eName=WDVW&rd=1
  22. "rarely offered for sale, Cheerios Dollars were selling in the range of $125-$175..." Article is a little outdated, I've seen these go for $1000. or more. Someone over @ CU has a starting buy offer of $600.
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