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    State quarters

    Nice, and only $650. for the set. I found this more interesting on the site, where else can you get U.S. currency for less than face? HALF SHEET TWO DOLLAR BILLS (32 BILLS) Price Shopping Cart 60.45
  2. Fantastic!! I've seen that lady somewhere before.
  3. Curious you ask about a '69, your member#. My dad, now in his 70's, had a few from some Chinese guy who owned a shop in San Diego.
  4. Good luck and remember it's for a good cause. What's the cause?
  5. Well yes, that would be a great price if you could find them all in one place. Unlikely. You may have to hit 2 or 3 or 10 sites/offers to find what you want. The above is an example of some folks I know who ask $8. for the '77 set. They could probably fill alot of dates. Not only are their prices some of the lowest in the biz, but on an auction site they're on has a "make a deal" button. When buying multiple items, I can get as much as 25% off the total. Plus, the shipping won't rise dramatically. This site is where I get alot of errors and medals. BTW, some of the Mint issued medals they
  6. I've got a box of Frenchies on my desk right now, but even the Krause stays locked up these days. Can you edit your post to specify the dates?
  7. I take it you don't want the Type 2's either. I found a site where you can get them for $387; EXCLUDING the '99. I know we can do better than that. This isn't wholesale.
  8. I saw a place this a.m. Let me see if I can find it.
  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!
  10. I saw a green monochromatic IHC once, but your 2-tone is much nicer. Krypto, do you have a nice textile to show us?
  11. With the aquisition of these last nite, I need 4 more dates:
  12. Out of all the MC's I've seen, that's probably my favorite design.
  13. Sorry, don't know why I went with the R. Anyway, M is Milan
  14. ovidiu, here's what you sent: Europa: Liechtentein Asia: Tadjikistan, Kirghiztan, Cambodia, Bhutan, Qatar Africa: Senegal*, Burkina Faso, Niger, Zair, Lesotho, Swaziland, Sao Tome si Principe*, Guineea Ecuatoriala,* Benin, Togo, Coasta de fildes. America centrala: Puerto Rico, I-le Virgine Americane America de sud: Guyana Franceza. Oceania: Nauru, Tuvalu*I-le mariane de nord. Here are some dups I'll send: Cambodia Bhutan Qutar Niger Zair Lesotho Swaziland Puerto Rico The ones with an * denotes I have them, but have to check for dups The last place you listed, where's that
  15. ovidiu, hello, again. I have several of the countries you need. They'll go out on the 1st. So what does someone in Romania do for FUN?
  16. Hey Tane, I saw that medal and couldn't kick-back till it got ID'd. I found it on a closed auction: RUSSIAN EMPIRE. Commemorative Medal 1905. NICHOLAS II (1894 - 1917) Original Imperial Russia Jetton "R.Peto / Exhibition of International Philanthropic Union - Cookery, Nutrition and Hygiene. PERUIN. Paris 1905" in brass. The averse is with the text in Russian R.Peto and two ancient sculptures, exhibition's symbols. The reverse is with date 1905, PARIS and description of the action in French, PERUIN in Russian below. Diameter 22 mm. Hope that helps, now I can go have a brew!
  17. The "R" is for Rome, which has a mint. Since 1861, 7 mints have become inactive in Italy.
  18. Same here, ordered 2 of the 2006's yesterday from apmex. 1 spiral, 1 hardcover
  19. Yes, but it doesnt say Central Bank of the Philippines on the back This red lettering is an overprint. The Victory series was introduced Oct. 22 1944, when Gen. McArthur arrived, and was printed until 1949.
  20. I do it all the time with Jim's Coin.
  21. A definate oddity, what's the issue price?
  22. Nah, just trying to re-up. Plenty of them out there. Those cards in the holders are very cool.
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