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  1. I've got an 1858 FE in vf/ef & a 1959 PF66 Franklin for trade Thanks in advance
  2. 16d


    Corina, it's been about a dozen years since we've done buisness. I'll go 5 bucks.
  3. There's a partial set sitting in a pawn shop here, for what seems forever.. They'red being sold individually @ 13.99. I'm pretty sure you got a better deal.
  4. Keith's for transportation, too! http://www.exonumist.com/
  5. You need to provide much more detailed pics, including the edge. as there are a few varieties of this piece.
  6. 16d


    Have a pic of the roman?
  7. Initially, these were made in the '30s by Groetchen Tool and Mfg. Co. They were used in their slot machines.
  8. Mike Pellerin from Lompoc? Howdy anyway.
  9. I found it on coin quest. search "1935 hitler 5 rm" just google will take you there. Interesting story.
  10. After you asked @ the other place, I spent an hour researching & found a page where original & fantasies were side by side.. They gave the weight & circumstances of release, or lack thereof. I'll browse my history, to see where that was.
  11. These are game counter pieces. They were also used as political tokens.
  12. You are going with the supposition that counterfeiting is about the $$. Henning held a grudge, & tried to pull off w/the 5c, what he couldn't with the $5. It all about what drives you.
  13. Art, I'll get back to you when I have the time to see what she's got. Thanks for the reply. Sounds as if you've got sumpin. I'll stay in touch.
  14. My wife is now expanding her birth-year binder. She currently has over 200 diff. pieces. Medals are OK too, as long as they're dated. Notes also, no US or Can. needed. With the price of silver, nows the time to gobble up some new diffs. Condition unimportant, but date needs to be legible to the naked eye. I have several '62-'95 INC-BU Jeff sets for trqade, or that green stuff.
  15. I'd like to see a cose-up of the 50c war piece. Varieties exist & looks like some decent toning may be going on. You never know.
  16. I find that the best books are the ones w/fewest pages. Also, curious how they show a BU '93 1/2 eagle in a book concerning mutuilation.
  17. What I see is a bad roadrash on Tom.
  18. Boxes just are'nt yielding one. One of the couple varieties I need. Shoot me a PM if you have a nice one you want to unload. Please include your want price.
  19. Recent box find. You decide the grade, and how badly you want it. Starts @ 7.00, includes postage. No paypal. I'll send it to you 1st, before payment, if we've done biz before. Ends Sept. 13th @ 7:00 board time.
  20. I have about 30 of these left. Approaches proof-like quality. NOT bank wrapped, straight from the Fed. PAYPAL OK.. 2.00 each, includes postage. PM with address. Mailed instantly if we've done biz before.
  21. Finn, I'm always on the look-out for a '44 Henning. I do doubletakes on pieces with that type of porousity.
  22. 16d


    About a buck, in UNC.
  23. Picked this up at a yard sale this morning. Pretty cool, but cant make out the ink. Anybody?
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