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  1. Does anybody know of a reference site that lists british crowns, with photos.
  2. Have started to collect the same myself. You can add Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Nigeria, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Mauritius and British West Africa to the list as I have found coins from all of these.The Nova Scotia and Newfoundland coins are Victorian.
  3. Im in Swansea, but the first couple of weeks of September Im in Cyprus for my sons wedding. What exactly are you interested in, tell me and Ill keep an eye out for you.
  4. I am looking to swap pre 1900 coins from Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Prussia and G.B. also Pre 1925 coins from China, Turkey, Egypt, Netherlands, Oman, Ethiopia, Serbia, Peru, Argentina and G.B. for American Quarter Dollars with state names. I only have 4, Tennessee, Massachusetts, didnt think it was spelt that way, Rhode Island and Mississippi. I am prepared to send coins to you first to inspect and decide what to send me. The coins are in good condition for their age. I am not expecting uncirculated quarters just good condition and the date does not matter. All these coins have been pick
  5. Be aware all. Ive just had a second chance offer from ebay for a 2008 20p from ROBINSON.92. The coin pictured was an undated mule. This was not the coin for sale. It is a bog standard 20p.
  6. Thanks for the information
  7. Ive come across a 1943 one cent that looks to have been silvered. Has anyone come across one before. I know very little about American coins but I cannot understand why anyone would go to the trouble of doing this as it could hardly be passed off as a high value coin.
  8. Sturzny, Thanks for the information, Both of these are either copper or bronze, about the size of a UK Twopence piece, but with no hole. Are they later issues from different regions.
  9. I aquired a kwang tung 10 cash and a an-hwei 10 cash this weekend along with some other coins. I first thought they were gaming tokens but have since found out they are not. My question is if the denomination is Cash is this where we get the slang for money.
  10. Can anyone enlighten me about some features on this coin. Firstly, my coin has a small indentation or you could describe it as a hole in the centre of the star above the 10. This is only about .5mm deep. Secondly, there is the number 11 or it could be the roman numeral 2 near the edge directly below the date but after the laural leaves. On the sites I have looked at the coins pictured have no indentation in the star and there is M where I have 11. I would be gratefull for any help.
  11. Amit, thank you very much for the help, just for my information, what is the denomation, was Chand Rajas an underling of Shah Alam II, what do the initials ND stand for and I dont understand what KM# or C# is. Iwill try to post a better image of the roman. If you let me know what you collect I would be only to glad to keep an eye out for you. I picked up this coin in a car boot sale a few weeks ago for 50p, I dont know if that was a good buy or not but for 50p who cares. I also have some british doubles that I can send to you if you want just let me know. regards, Chris.
  12. Thanks for all the sugestions I will investigate further. For my own information the coin was first posted 2nd Feb, had a few replys and then nothing untill 4 or 5 posts this week, all of which I thank you for. Is there a time lag or am I just lucky this week.
  13. David, will post coins tomorrow, I have tried to inclued a variety of dates and denominations their condition is from ok to worn but they may be of intrest to you, if not maybe you could pass them on to someone else. Please let me know when you recieve the package. Thank you for the offer of some of your doubles but my intrest is in uk coins only. By the way your English is a dam sight better than my spanish. regards, Chris.
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