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  1. Front: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah I (1946-) Bolkiah was graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and has received an honorary doctorate from a Russian University. He became Sultan of Brunei in 1967 when his father abdicated voluntarily. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, of which Brunei was a protectorate until 1984, knighted him. Bolkiah also held the positions of Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Finance Minister. He has not favored democratization. Brunei has no elected legislature since the Legislative Council was dissolved in 1962. The Sultan has married
  2. Front: Mirabal sisters - Patria Mercedes (1924-1960), Maria Argentina Minerva (1926-1960), Antonia María Teresa (1935-1960), anti-Trujillo activists The four Mirabals sisters grew up in Salcedo, Dominican Republic during the era of the dictator Rafael Trujillo. Three of the sisters were assassinated by the dictator in 1960 for their involvement in efforts to overthrow the fascist government. The surviving sister, Bélgica (more commonly known as Dedé), lives in Salcedo, tending the museum in Ojo de Agua that commemorates her sisters. The Mirabal sisters, now national heroines of the Domin
  3. Front: Moshe Sharett (1894-1965), 2nd Prime Minister of Israel (1953-1955) Front shows portrait of Moshe Sharett; picture of the ceremony of the unfurling of the Israeli flag at the UN building on May 12, 1949; text from the speech given by Sharett on that occasion. Sharett was born Moshe Shertok in Ukraine. He immigrated to Palestine in 1908. His family was one of the founders of Tel Aviv. From 1933 to 1948, He guided negotiations between the Zionist movement and the British Mandate of Palestine, which led to the creation of the State of Israel. Back: Picture of Jewish Brigade vo
  4. Here are a few more: France 125 Livres 1792 Tangier 0.50 Francos 1941 China Sinkiang Provincial Bank 60,000,000 Yuan Keeling Cocos 1/10 Rupee 1902 Madeira Islands 65 Reis and 120 Reis Pre-1910 Papal States 95 Scudi 1792 San Marino 150 Lire 1976
  5. A collection of about 1800 different banknotes from 298 countries. Special exibits include hyperinflection banknotes, polymer plastic banknotes, Millennium banknotes, Japanese Invasion Money, Queen Elizabeth II banknotes and U. S. Obsoletes. Other paper money related items include Paper Money Trivia, Banknote News, Banknote Collectors and Dealers Directories.Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery
  6. I'm new to this forum. Many of you may not have seen my new blog featuring interesting and timely articles about paper money. Some Interesting Facts About Paper Money
  7. Hello, I've been lurking here for awhile. Finally decided to join. I'm a world banknote collector from Connecticut. I've been collecting banknotes for 17 years. I have a paper money website and a blog. Visit My Blog Visit My Website
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