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  1. Haiti 10 Gourdes 2004 is not a hybrid. I've a special exhibit on hybrid polymer notes at http://tomchao.com/pp.html#1
  2. It's from Taiwan. Bank of Taiwan 1 Yuan 1961
  3. I wonder how one can differentiate the genuine notes from the counterfeits if the real ones are not consistent.
  4. So, were my notes printed on wood or on metal? I can't tell by looking at them.
  5. How can you tell the difference whether it was printed on wood or metal block?
  6. Here's a nice compact UV light & magnetic detector selling for $49.99 http://www.moneycopusa.com/Home.html
  7. I recently bought my second Ming Dynasty 1 Kuan note (shown on the bottom) from a college history instructor in China. This note is possibly a modern forgery. Maybe it's my imagination, but the note appears to be printed on felt-like material to resemble mulberry paper. Other than that, it's hard to tell the difference between the two notes. If it's a forgery, it's a very good forgery. Can anybody verify if this one is real or fake? My first 1 Kuan note (shown on the top) was bought nine years ago from Ponterio & Associates auction of the Ed Bohannon Collection of Chinese Paper Money. Ed Bohannon is a regular contributor of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. This one is genuine and I paid almost 10 times more for it.
  8. Erwin, You're right. None of the Tang and Song notes survived. Any appearance of such notes is automatically subjected to suspicion. Denominations not listed in dynastic records are also a give away that the notes are not real. To set the record straight, the first four note are based on the 1832 Chinese numismatic catalog 泉布统誌, Ch'uan Pu T'ung Chih. The last note is copied from a facsimile drawing of such a note from a book, General History of China, published in French in 1736 by P. Du Halde.
  9. Tang Dynasty 30 Kuan 860-874 Southern Sung Dynasty 20 Taels 1275-1276 Yuan Dynasty 4 Kuan 1330-1332 Ming Dynasty 10 Kuan 1403-1425 Ming Dynasty 1 Kuan 1643 I bought these notes recently in a private sale. With no previous sales record available as a guide, I basically pulled a number off my head to make an offer and was accepted. What you think about the notes? In your opinion, how much do you think are they worth? Read the story on my blog http://nutmegcollector.blogspot.com/2010/10/story-of-five-ancient-chinese-notes.html
  10. Erwin, I can see the Chinese Characters you posted. I use IE Windows 7. Seems like it can read different languages. Maybe you have to set to read in Chinese? I'm curious how you type in Chinese charactetrs for your post?
  11. There is one on sale at eBay for $70. Poor condition but I believe it's real. http://cgi.ebay.com/China-20-Yuan-1948-POOR-RARE-Banknote-P-804-PEOPLES-/250682963299?pt=Paper_Money&hash=item3a5dde7563
  12. There is one on eBay selling for 24.95 http://cgi.ebay.com/1963-2-RED-SEALS-GEM-UNCIRCULATED-1-7-CONSEC-/330402631894?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ced8810d6
  13. According to my SCWPM Modern Issues 16th Edition, this one is P-471b $20 Series of 1981A (A-L).
  14. Picture at http://tomchao.com/coinpeople/us20-1974.bmp P-458 is $20 Series of 1974 Federal Reserve Note. There are 12 varieties with Letters A-L on the seal at the right side. The Federal Reserve System is divided into twelve Federal Reserve districts, in each of which is a Federal Reserve Bank. Each district is designated by a number and the corresponding letter of the alphabet which appear on the notes printed for that district. The district numbers, the cities in which the twelve banks are located, and the letter symbols are: 1-A Boston 2-B New York 3-C Philadelphia 4-D Cleveland 5-E Richmond 6-F Atlanta 7-G Chicago 8-H St. Louis 9-I Minneapolis 10-J Kansas City 11-K Dallas 12-L San Francisco
  15. I've a special exhibit on hyperinflation banknotes http://tomchao.com/hb.html
  16. I use 8 1/2" x 11" polyethylene transparent 3-ring pocket pages. They are archival quality and fit into regular 3-ring binder. You can buy them at any stationary store. Much cheaper than special currency holders. I bought a packege of 100 pages for about $10 several years ago. They are much easier to view than in bags.
  17. Also Barry Boswell http://www.collectpapermoney.co.uk/ Colin Narbeth http://www.colin-narbeth.com/cgi-bin/world3.cgi?C=N_N&S=L&OUT=home Notability Banknotes http://www.notability-banknotes.com/home.php UK Banknotes http://www.ukbanknotes.co.uk/index.asp
  18. You have the Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) issued for use in Japanese occupied Malaya during WWII. See more JIM notes at http://tomchao.com/as/jim.html
  19. A few more: Haiti: Francois Duvalier [img Iran: Ayatollah Khomeini Iraq: Saddam Hussein North Korea: Kim Il Sung
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