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  1. A Woman to replace Andrew Jackson on U. S. $20 bills?

    A campaign to put a woman on an American banknote in 2020 on the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote.

    The plan calls for Andrew Jackson, a president maligned for his treatment of Native Americans, to be removed from the $20 bill. A shortlist of 15 women to replace him has been drawn up, and a final nominee will be voted for by the public online, on womenon20s.org, before President Obama is asked to make the change.



  2. Cash register has only 4 compartments for bills. It's up to the restore owner to consign their use. I do believe they are usually consigned to $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills


    Anybody ever received a $2 bill in change at a store? I have never see one in circulation. Same go for $1 coins, hardly see them in circulation.

  3. There are $2 FRNs, first printed in 1976 to celebrate the U. S. Bicentennial. The most recent is series 2003. They are just not popular. Some people save them, believing they are rare. Some stores reluctant to take them.


    Cash register was invented in 1883. The design of the cash drawer itself has not changed since its invention back in 1883. Small compartments in the front are for coins. The larger compartments behind the coin compartments are intended to hold one-, five-, 10-, and 20-dollar bills. Cashiers typically hide larger bills under the cash drawer.

  4. China P-M28 100 Yen (1945) Japanese occupation military note. Although issued for all occupied China, these notes were replaced by Federal Reserve and Cenral Reserve Bank of China issues (puppet banks). However, they did remain in circulation in Hong Kong and Hainan Island through the occupation.

    Four red Japanese characters overprinted across center front and back: "Military Note". Seven red characters overprinted below: Japanese Imperial Government".

  5. Didn't the Germans print their banknotes on stamps during the world war?


    I just can't understand why the used such small banknotes, there must be millions that were lost in the sewers :oops:


    In times of war, coins are often in short supply. Gold and silver coins are hoarded for their intrinsic values. Other metals are appropriated for war efforts. Many governments resort to printing small denomination banknotes as temporary substitutes. The following are some of the countries which had issued postage size banknotes: Ivory Coast, Macao, Monaco, Morocco, New Caledonia, Romania, Russia, Spain and United States.

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