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  1. The picture is a scan 300px, still could not figure out how to make good photos of coins using cameras! The centering is not my my doubt, it is the letters and the detail of the bust. The feeling of the coin is not oily so I do not think it was casted but comparing it with other coins I have it seems as if it was struck by a die that was worn out. May be the last coin struck by the ancient die, but ever since I bought this coin I did not find that soothing feeling I get when getting such coins!
  2. have just signed up Looking forward for both the newsletter and the coin!
  3. Dear fellow members and collectors, lately I have acquired the following coin: And since the time I got it, I keep having doubts about its authenticity. The poor centering along with the very thin lines in the letters coupled with the poor details of the bust fills my heart with doubts. If you could provide me with your comments and opinions about the authenticity of this piece I would more than obliged and grateful. detailed description of the coin: Gold Solidus Honorius RIC 8 (X, Arcadius) & 201 (X, Theodosius II) Solidus Obv: DNHONORIVSPFAVG - Helmeted, diademed, cuirassed bust facing, holding spear over shoulder and shield. Rev: CONCORDIAAVGG? Exe:*/CONOB - Constantinopolis seated, facing, stepping on galley prow, holding scepter and Victory on globe. 408-423 (Constantinopolis). Kind regards, Ulysses
  4. Here is another coin I would like to share with you: Gold Solidus Honorius Obv: DNHONORIVSPFAVG - Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: VICTORIAAVGGG Exe: M/D/COMOB - Honorius standing right, stepping on captive, holding labarum and Victory on globe. (Mediolanum). I think it dates to about 395 AD.
  5. Here is a coin I would like to share with you. It is a solidus for Valantinian I. Valantinian I 364-375 AD Solidus RIC Volume 9 page 272 Antioch Mint Observe: DNVALENTINIANVSPFAVG Diademed (rosettes), draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: RESTITVTORREIPVBLICAE ANTH* - Valentinian I standing facing right, holding labarum and Victory on globe.
  6. Waow, what a nice piece with its silver wash intact, that is a really nice one. here is a comparable coin I have but with a different patina: Probus 276 - 282 A.D. RIC 643a AE Antoninianus Observe: IMPCMAVRPROBVSPFAVG - Radiate bust right, draped. Rev: CLEMENTIATEMP Exe: (epsilon)/XXI - Probus standing right and holding eagle tipped scepter, receives Victory from Jupiter standing opposite and facing.
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