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  1. I agree from what I have seen they can be very harsh on grading proofs I don't own any but check national antique center online they have lots of coins from the slabbing companies that they say are undergraded and lots of them a British proofs.
  2. I have collected the Canadian 20 for 20s as well they are nice coins BUT I wouldn't touch these with a hundred foot pole if it weren't for them being legal tender. The mintages are too high (175,000) or something crazy like that and they contain less than half their face value in silver content.
  3. Well donkeschön for being the first to reply:-)
  4. I purchaced a German five mark coin a while back it is a 1895 A in about vf condition for $50 I know in the end it is my choice but I want to know what you all think about starting a set.I have fallen in love with these coins mainly because I am german, I like the eagle design and I like BIG SILVER :-)
  5. Show us your Canadian silver Dollars 1935-1967 any condition,any finish,any variety and any error
  6. Check for a c mint mark on the sovereign above the date in the dirt.
  7. Upon further examination the second one is German or Austrian and appears to be 1/28 of a thaler cool coin :-) I am part German so I always enjoy these:-)
  8. Need better pics if possible unless its just my tablet type the legend into Google translate if it comes out German than its either German or Austrian.
  9. With pedigrees you are not buying a coin to speak but the history of it as well. Pedigrees are usually higher quality coins as well.
  10. I like the 2 coppers as well they have nice classic designs but I'm pretty sure the second copper is supposed to be brittania not liberty.
  11. I am new to this forum and I appolagise in advance if I break any rules as it is a sinsere accident I am silverdollar as you may know me from ccf I just wanted to know as I have read there before that lots of people from ccf are on other forums such as this one all I want to know is have I been kicked off and why so. Please reply if you can.
  12. Also appears to have doubling in date. Nice coin :-)
  13. Hello I'm new to this forum but not to collecting I've collected Canadian coins (mostly dollars) for quite a while now and have owned an 1881 s Morgan for a year plus I know this specific year/mint are known for the good quality strike but upon further examination I've noticed some detail in the wing under the s in states is polished away dramatically near the tip sorry no pics. My questions are as follows Is it a VAM Is it a variety Is it rare Dit it happen in other years and can someone post pics for me as a reference if they have what I am talking about and thanks in advance.ALSO
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