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  1. I don't have a catalogue for Czech coins, but I have search and I think your coins is from period of Husite wars from Bohemia 1419-1430. This kind of coins, heller, was first introduced by king Wanceslav IV wich reign until 1419. I have find some of those coins on vcoins: http://search2.vcoins.com/results.aspx?sui...98-7dd7498a449d http://www.medievalcoinage.com/gallery/bohemia.htm
  2. It's a medal from Russia. You can see the monogram of Catherina II of Russia.
  3. A= Japan 10 yen B= C= D= Pakistan E= F= Japan 1 yen G= Liban 5 piastres 1960 H= Taiwan I= China 5 fen J= Algeria 20 K= Taiwan L= Japan 1 yen M= Bangladesh N= O= I don't think it's a coin, maybe a phone jeton ??? P= Japan 10 yen
  4. The second coin is a China 1900-1920 cash coin.
  5. I think it is a french coins. On the face you can read: +TURONUS CIVIS, the coin was mint in city of Tours (France). On the revers you can read in the center: +ROBERTUS DUX. You can find heare some others coins like yours but issued by others kings. http://www.coinarchives.com/w/results.php?...amp;results=100 I don't know more about french medieval coins.
  6. I think those are Poland or Sweden medieval coins - solidus / shiling. The first I think is mint in Riga ( Livonia).
  7. Sorry but I can't help you. I don't know the dimension for those coins. Any why all 3 are from same type and I think are 3 solidi coins, the solidus coin should be smaller. You cand find them on Krause 1700-1800 at number km 147.1 and km 147.2. I have check other 2 polish catalogue but they don't give dimension for those coins; only pictures with them. If I find others informations I'll post heare.
  8. You can find heare some information about the Ragusa coins. http://www.roth37.it/COINS/Ragusa/monetazione.html The coin post but DJB is an older coin issued betwen XIII-XVI centuries and your coin was issued betwen XVII-XVIII centuries.
  9. Legend: AUGUSTUS III REX POL / EL SAX "year" coin denomination solidi issued year: 1749-1752 coin denomination 3 solidi year: 1752-1758
  10. It's a coin from Ragusa (Croatia) Legend like: . SALVS .-. TVTA . Christ, nimbate, standing facing, right hand raised in benediction, globus cruciger in left, surrounded by 19 stars . S . BLASIVS-RAGVSII Saint Blaze standing facing, right hand raised in benediction, crozier in left, "year" across fields
  11. The indentification is corect. First 2 coins are from Sweden GUSTAV II ADOLF (1611 - 1632) solidus / shiling and the third is Sweden CHRISTINA (1622 - 1654) solidus / shiling. There are many fake coins issued in the same period in Moldavia by Istrate Dabija and also in Poland and others European countries. Heare you can find some of the coins that are mint in Suceava ( Moldavia ): http://monederomanesti.cimec.ro/falsuri.htm The Moldavian coins have wrong legend write on the faces of coin,two part from different coin on same face or one side from one ruler and the other part from other.
  12. I need help to identify this coin from Armenia? I want to have a corect identification of the Armenien ruler that have isued this coins. I think it's a Hetoum II seated kardez. It is a AE and have 22 mm.
  13. I have begin to identify myself some coins after your indication on zeno.ru, please give a little help with a good identification if is possible. I make the identification after the image and not reading the legend on them. I have look at the Umayyad Caliphate coins number 14 and 9 from my website, like coin numerul 9 I have founded some coins but I can't deceide wich of them it's. I think moneda 4 is a Umayyad coins also. Can you tell me if that is the legend on moneda 9? Obv: There is no God but Allah Rev. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah
  14. You can search heare. I think you'll find some coins from medieval period. http://www.zeno.ru/showgallery.php?cat=2690 From the Golden Horde period you can find heare the coins issued on the local mint. http://www.hordecoins.folgat.net/e_horde.htm Also there was some coins minted by the Genoese comunities from Caffa. Search if that wasn't any coins issued on the Polish-Lithuanian period in local mint in Ukraine.
  15. Don't worry I have time a lot. I have post the pictures of the coins on my website. Those are the ones I have keep for me. those was in good condition and much of the leggend are intact. i hope I have rotate corectly the image and that is the position of the legend. http://www.coinandbanknote.com/ArabCoins.html Thank again for your help. I don't know if I will collect Arab coins, those was verry chep (0.50 euro per coin) and that is why I Ihave bought them. For moment I have study about medieval european coins, maybe in the futures I'll read about arab coins also.
  16. Please tell me for those one if you can tell me from wich country are. I think those are in good condition then the others and maybe will be more easy for you to identify them. 1,2,6,7,8,10,12,14,20,25,30,31,32 If will help you I can post tomorrow some pictures for them on my website and post the link heare or on pm. For moment I'm at work. Thank you verry much for your help, will be great for me to know where are from those coins.
  17. If you make a comparation with Bulgaria or Serbia, is corectly that Romanian coins are more expensive and more difficult to find. I have start my collection for short time and I have bought Wallachian coins because those was cheaper then the Moldavian. You can find on the market coins of Wallachia ( Dan I, Radu I and Mircea the Elder ), those are not to expensive and find some for sale on ebay and for Moldavia ( Alexandru the Good 1400-1432 and Stefan the Great 1457-15004). The others rulers for Moldavia and Wallachia are more rare and expensive. If you are intrested for coins from Wallach
  18. It's from a lot of 52 coins I have bought from France. I have try to identify them on zeno.ru, but all the arabic legend coins for me are the same. I have keep 25 for me and the rest I have sold today for 150 lei ( 50 USD ) on romanian action site. Vincent can you help me to indentify some of the coins I have keep for my personal collection?
  19. Some medieval coins from Romania ( Wallachia and Moldavia) 1. Wallachia Radu I 1377-1383 dinar AR type I 15 mm, 0.6 g 2. Wallachia Radu I 1377-1383 ban AE type III 13 mm, 0.6 g 3. Wallachia Dan I 1383-1386 ducat AR 14 mm, 0.5 g 4. Wallachia Mircea the Older 1386-1418 dinar AR type Ib 15mm, 0.6 g 5. Wallachia Mihail I 1418-1420 dinar AR 13mm 0,3 g 6. Moldavia Stefan II 1433-1455 half gros Bi type I 13 mm, 0.4 g
  20. Thank you for the answers. First coin I have also identifying to be Peter the Great. With the second one I have some doubts. http://www.calgarycoin.com/reference/peter...erwiremoney.htm
  21. Hello! I have bought from a numismatic shop two coins from Russia, Peter the Great. I want more information about those two coins. first coin have 7 * 11 mm. Legend I think it is: b H/ MIN/HEN/SIE second coin 8*8 mm Legend I think it is: PLD/BNYL/POCI
  22. Hy. Can you tell me if my identification is corect for those coins and can you give me some more details. Coin 1 Fenicia ARADOS on the net I find those one: http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece//pho...dos/BMC_301.jpg http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece//pho...os/RPC_2040.jpg http://www.coinarchives.com/a/lotviewer.ph...50&Lot=7773 Parthia Kingdom maybe is: Orodes II, if on the back is a horse head like this http://www.parthia.com/coins/pdc_20307.jpg or Phraates IV like this http://www.parthia.com/coins/pdc_8845.jpg http://www.par
  23. I have bought this lot of 40 coins, many of them with arabic writing. Someone have recomanded me to go and search on www.zeno.ru , but I don't know to read arabic letters and there is a big base of coins to search. If is anyone that can help me and give me some useful informations to make my work more easy. Thank you. Cristoph Some others pictures you find heare: http://cristophshop.3x.ro/Altele.html
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