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  1. I'm sorry for this question. I don't know much of the 'coin lingo'. But what does 'type sets' mean?
  2. Well then gpnyc, I quess it was not you who spent $500 while I was there. Quess I got there about noon didn't stay too long...had to make a trip to Bklyn that same day before 5pm. But t was fun while it lasted. If you hear of another in NYC please let me know. PM me or post here
  3. This is what I found. Unfortunately I have no idea of the date of the quarter.
  4. My 'pretty coin' is this 1979-S SBA. only because it is the first Proof I have come to own.
  5. The majority of my coins are US and circulated. However I do have 2 (recently come to own) Proofs-- 1971-S Ike and 1979-S SBA type I I prefer circulated. But if a Proof or Uncirculated would pass my way and the price is affordable OR I really, really WANT it.. I will get it Now, since I've started to store my coins in albums it doesn't matter what grade it is, as long as the date is noticeable.
  6. Hello everyone! I went to my very FIRST Coin Show on Friday. Saw the 1987 Brasher Doubloon. WOW! Here's the link if you all are interested. 1787 Brasher Doubloon And these are what I purchased. Gosh that was fun!!!
  7. This is what my mailman brought me. The last coin to complete the set.
  8. How do I add an image in my signature? I can't find any reference to this topic. Thanks for the advice.
  9. THANK YOU TIFF I received the packet very nice. You're the BEST!
  10. Look what I found. Is this and error or...???
  11. I'm not much for words but.....I was lost then I was found....Good to be here!
  12. Please excuse my limited knowledge. But what are commemoratives coins?
  13. US coins.... I like the ones minted in silver the best.
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