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  1. Here you'll see when the new Presidental coins are to be released to the public. http://coins.about.com/od/uscoins/a/presidents_coin.htm
  2. Hello Collectors, I have been using a digitall album (I also use the same program to digiltize my photos for safe keeping) to catolog my collection with just the pics. No imformatiom to grades or anything else except which and who certain coins(s) go to upon my demise, just the coins images. I am however, thinking of switching them to a 'coin collector's' software program. Does anyone use such a software program? Which do you use? Easy to use? Help appreciated, Thanks.
  3. 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. Check it out! http://www.stacks.com/currentnews/currentnews.aspx#Liberty
  4. Link to the Presidental $1 coins and more information. http://www.usmint.gov/pressroom/index.cfm?...ease&ID=722
  5. Thank you , Art and Dockwalliper The information was very helpful.
  6. Hi, I have an HP 5373C scanner and I am having trouble scanning. Coins that I have scanned are small so I have to resize then a few times but they don't seem larger when pics is saved. Anyone know the best way to scan? should I change the resolution? to what? and anything else I should change. Thanks
  7. Just found the new nickel in my pocket change. Also, I have the Dansco album for the nickles and I noticed that 2004 has 4 slots for each 2004 and 2005 (two2004-P and two 2004-D , and two 2005-P, two 2005-D slots). Does anyone know why and what should I look out for? Thanks
  8. Thank you akdrv, it worked. You've been very helpful.
  9. Thank you akdrv, I uploaded them on ImageShack with no problem but when I upload them here in my album they don't show as animated and with a transparant background. I tried your suggjection (tinypic) and it is the same as ImageShack. the pic are gif, so what am I doing wrong??? Thanks
  10. Hi I found some cute seasonal/holiday animations that I would like to display in my siginature space. I uploaded them in my album and they show don't animated. How do I make them to animate? (like the smilies) Thanks for your
  11. Hi, I am having trouble deleting pictures in my Album that are no longer needed. How do I delete them? Thanks.
  12. My son treated me to a dinner for my Birthday today. He needed quarters for the parking meter and when I pulled out my pocket change I found a 2006 Nebraska amoung the change. Which I didn't give up. And it's in pretty good condition, still shiny like new.
  13. I was afraid of that Art with the flimsy Priority Mail envelope, didn't think at the time to put them in a box instead Anyways, glad that the inner envelope was intact. Enjoy!
  14. You're quite welcome. I'm happy to see they arrived safely. Enjoy! Sil
  15. Hello Everyone! Just got in from out of town. And I see that Art is the 1st to answer correctly. Which was really quick. So I've added a second prize winner as well and that goes to the next correct answer to......superbeast1098 Congratulations! Art and superbeast1098 please PM your addy! Thank you all for you entries!
  16. Thank you Kat. You have the year correct! Try again! Two guesses for each entry
  17. Hello Everyone! I am back to arranging my coins! But I am having trouble determining the differences in these: -1955 DD penny and 1972 DD. Where is the double die shown? -1970 S small and large date, what/where is the difference? -1979 S Type I and Type II, What is this? -all of the 1982 varities, ???? -1983 DD rev, on what part? -1995 DD obv, on what part? If you know of a site where I can study it and maybe see a picture, it would be most helpful. Thanks!
  18. Hello Everyone! As a collector of mostly US coins, I have come across many World coins as well. Some of them won as a contest prize or purchased, these I will be keeping. Although some of the 'world coins' are "shall I'll say 'pretty' ". I prefer US coins and have decided to concentrate on these. So, I have decided to give The 'World coins' to someone who will appreciate them more in a GIVEAWAY CONTEST. As some of you already know, my mother passed away recently. So in remembrance to my 'mommy' I have put together all the 'World' coins I have in my collection including some US coin
  19. Hello everyone, I've been away for quite a while I have been having one crisis after another since I was last here..... My mother passed away and I haven't been up to much of anything these days. But, I coming back...slowly And I hope to talk to you all soon. GB!
  20. It's so good to be back. I missed you all. Was having a computer (internet) problem, and was lonely not being able to join the forum discussions. So here I am and look forward to talking to you all again. Bye for now. Will be back soon.
  21. Thank you for clarifing this, sir. I that case my collection are by date and mint, preferably.
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