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  1. superbeast1098, Thanks for the link. I already have this site bookmarked as well as others. My interest now is to obtain this book so I can look through it when I'm not using the computer.
  2. Thank you so much Brett ! I tried an ebay search but I'm not getting much of anything. Please tell me what 'keyword' to I should use. Oh and who is the manufactuer/publisher? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I did purchase the $20 silver sample and the copper sample as a keepsake. I have no intention of using them as a payment for a purchase of any kind. I just thought it was cool to add this type of coin/token to my collection. The $20 silver coin is about the size of a Morgan dollar and it is 31.1g (1.100oz) silver. However it is a bit thicker and heavier then the Morgan. From what I have read the Cooper Liberty (pictures above) is about the same size as the $20 silver version. Haven't gotten or seen it in person yet since they are on backorder.
  4. I came across this book while doing research. Anyone own this book ? Any idea where I can get a copy? Thanks for the help.
  5. Thank you Vfox I sent an email to a moderator maybe he can straighten this out for me. Thanks for your help. New thread created.
  6. Here's the post that started this subject. Sorry I forgot to move it when I split the thread. Vfox, Thank you. I am in NYC. I am not interested in bulk I'm just looking for one of each (lower )denomination, I doubt I would be able to afford the larger - 100's and up. I am not familiar with 'bank exchange'. If I was to find/ go to a bank (in lower Manhattan) would they exchange US banknotes for foreign notes? Would it be so easy? Do you know of any banks in the city that does this? Again Thanks Maybe I should have created a new thread for this. Sorry. If a moderator could
  7. Am I too late to be added? If not , I'm in! Thanks.
  8. Has anyone heard if the Liberty Dollar's? What do you all think of this ? Comments ? Think it will go far?
  9. -----DELETED by Poster-----Does not fit in this thread. mila_cent
  10. Being on a fixed income no more then $50 and sometimes less, which would include shipping.
  11. Pocket change doesn't last very long in my pocket. OOh Mark, I just love 'winged' coins ! What is this one? ikaros...What is your avatar? Thanks
  12. My 'oldest' coin are two different 1899 coins.
  13. When you have one set of each denomination you are collecting. I would be happy to have just one completed album/folder. And if I chose to start on an additional set of the same it would be a better set then the previous one.
  14. I must admit I was a late starter. I was a in my early 20's. Which all began when I found a Lincoln Wheat cent. At the time didn't know it's name. To me it was a 'different' looking penny.
  15. oooh. I really like this coin. You're right "simple but very quaint and attractive". Thanks !
  16. I have been drooling on these Britannia's so I treated myself and purchased one as my Mother's Day gift. 2006 Britannia
  17. Got a 2007 D Lincoln cent and 2007 P and D State quarter. Can't seem to get my hands on any nickles or dimes here in NY.
  18. I'll say August 17th. and it will be a quarter.
  19. Nothing spectacular ...but they are mine
  20. Yes, there is a PDF file here....www.usmint.gov. You can also order them FREE if you choose.
  21. From my local Post Office two shiney new 2007 P Lincoln's
  22. Marianne ! I receive my prize ! A 1900 Morgan Dollar ! I couldn't figure why the package was so large...until I open it. A stale donut. Made my day ! Thank you so much. PS: would love to see how you creatively put you collection together. Had the donut with my coffee...yummy.
  23. Here's what I found about Tantalum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tantalum
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