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  1. roaddevil. The entire screen not needed. If you can 'crop' the image to.. as shown in my sample would be better. Would also save space and bandwith on the site. mila_ I also have a page of New York images and Betty Boop. If you like to check them out let me know.
  2. Well I don't think I have ever held a contest here so this will be my first. I'd like to try something different. How quickly can you solve a picture puzzle? Put the puzzle pieces together Click on the link above for the puzzle- allow it to load and if the " 70 Piece Bulbs" is not shown, click the "Change Cut" to select it. In order to win, the puzzle pieces must be in this cut. The puzzle is to be solved in the ' '70 Piece Bulbs ' cut only. ' Auto Solve' is not to be used. Once you piece the puzzle pieces together you are to post here your picture results, 'Crop' you
  3. Mark, I received the coins today, Thank you ! Oh and for the bonus as well ! mila_cent
  4. And here is the 2006 20 naira Although it is a bit wrinkled and has been folded this note inspired me to collect polymer notes because of the vivid colors, feel and shinyness as well as the beautiful designs I have seen from others.
  5. Here is a 2005 20 naira paper note------wrinkled, dirty
  6. Thanks Brett, I am waiting for mine. BTW is the book the hardcover version? It didn't state weather it was the hard cover or softcover. Yes, would be very interested in the comparision. Please let me know. mila_
  7. Totally unexpected Thank you Mark ! Addy sent. dustin43160, sorry I claimed my prize.. mila_
  8. Thanks, Dave Your demostration was very helpful. Cause from where I'm sitting it looked as if the 'black paper' was part of the plastic page and I couldn't figure it out. Also, from where I am sitting, the black page is placed after each banknote page loosely. I myself am fussy and I would take that black paper and insert it in a plastic sleeve to keep it in place in the binder or does this page have holes in them already? I have no interest of buying a hole puncher. BTW Your "rambling" in not of useless information and I enjoy reading your "ramblings" because it is a lesson that
  9. OOh I see, Thanks Brett. So it's the black sheet you would take out to see the back of the note. Where would I get these Ultra pro sheets and black paper? Is the black paper the same as construction paper bought in an art supply store? Or a 'special type' of paper? Again, Thanks for your help. mila_
  10. Thanks guys, Very impressive albums. I kinda like the black background, too. Except for not being able to see the notes on both sides, unless it is taken out. I guess with a lot of 'handling' it would't be so good of an idea to remove them from the album as much. Before inserting them in the album did you also 'seal' them? Thanks
  11. I'm looking for ideas on storing currency? How you banknote collectors store your notes? Album? binder w/pages? currency wallets? sleeves? Thanks
  12. You're Welcome, Brett. Glad I was able to contribute to the forum.
  13. DE70143361 oops ! made a mistake. Should have been. DB70143361 sorry
  14. For those who are interested. The author (Ben Chiew) contacted me, the 2nd edition is now available on ebay with only 45 copies. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ADME:B:EF:US:11
  15. FYI: I've been in contact with the pulbisher of the book and he imformed me the 2nd edition will be coming out soon.
  16. San Miguel98 Again...Thank you for directing your answer to the original question of this post. God Bless, mila_cent
  17. San Miguel98 ! ! ! Thank you so very much for answering my question of this post. Exactly what I have been searching for. God Bless you, mila_cent
  18. Come on guys, help me out here! Please I need to find where I came get polymer notes and not the ebay way.. but a direct supplier who sells singles. (and maybe bulks..depends)
  19. Has anyone delt with these people? Hardcover is $25 and softcover is $15. From the 'contact' information I think they are in Malaysia. According to this site there is also a 2nd edition out. http://www.eurekametro.com/ http://www.eurekametro.com/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=2
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