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  1. A replica, uh? Who cares? This will be the closest l'll ever get to owning one of these. Please count me in. Thank you kindly.
  2. I've dealing with Banknotes-International but this seller hasn't added newer poly notes as much. Visit My Website And a recent find.. Roberts World Money Store, who I purchased one note as a "try me". This fella was kind enough to include a FREE note. Took me by surprise. Unfortuntaly doesn't have many polymer notes I need. Visit My Website
  3. I signed up sometime ago and I didn't receive the News letter. Should I have posted here that I signed up? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I've begun to add polymer note to my collecting habit and have one eBayer who I have been dealing with. Unfortunately, I am on a 'stand still' this seller hasn't added many new polymer notes (bought all he has listed). So I'm looking for another backup seller, who you guys might favor. Please post and link me to your recommended seller. Thanks
  5. WOW !!! Darn !!!!!I had it! But I had to wait till my time to post again came up. Congrats thedeadpoint, You beat me to it!
  6. cents =$10.05 nickles=$18.50 dimes=$65.50 quarters=$95.00 half dollars= 0 dollars= 2.00 $191.05
  7. How about this one ? ? oops! I see someone else picked this one .
  8. That's GREAT roaddevil ! And now my job is done ! All prizes have been received. Enjoy! mila_
  9. You're welcome. I don't remember which 2 notes you will receive. It could be one of these and a 5 gulden Suriname or 2 of these Mongolian notes.
  10. Confirmation Please...thedeadpoint, dan8402 and roaddevil. Have you received your notes yet? If not , please let me know when received. Thanks, mila_
  11. Ok here's what I'm seeing before and after logging on. Is this how it should be? Thanks
  12. In case you guy's haven't figured it out the notes are from Mongolia. Now all I need is confirmation from thedeadpoint, dan8402 and roaddevil. Mila_
  13. How do I fix the "Time is now" ? It's telling me the time is 2:59 AM when my now time now is 3:07 AM. Well now it's telling me it is 3:05 AM where I'm at 3:11 AM
  14. Yes IE7. And now it's fixed. Thanks ! mila_
  15. Thanks guys's and gals ! I was so excited when I completed the album. As for upgrading to better, I don't think so. I'm pretty pleased with the way they are COMPLETED (with the exception of the 2007's) which I was going for. But them again you never know...maybe I haven't even begun on the Roosie's but have started on Kennedy's, Ike's, 50 states quarters..a little here and a little there. My main concern are the Linclon's, of course the key dates would be the last find since these would be a bit more to purchase unless it comes my way unexpectly. I've recently became interested i
  16. All prizes are on it's way. You should receive it soon. With the exception of ..roaddevil.., Where are you? I Need your mailing info mila_cent
  17. Hi all, Just thought I'd announced my completion of my Dansco Album for the Jefferson nickles ! It was buy roll searching, purchased, traded or given to me. I started this album around the same time as the Lincoln's and I'm still working on these. The only year I have not come across with are the 2007 nickles. But I am pretty happy with the results. mila_ cent
  18. The following members please note I need your mailing info. Please respond. graikos roaddevil * thedeadpoint dockwilliper Brett * dan8402 dustin43160 *Still waiting on Thank you, mila_cent
  19. My time results: The member who came closest to my score is......graikos........Congrats ! Please provide your mailing info via email. Apparently there wasn't much interest in puzzles (or the prize offered)...... only 7 members participated. So.....in that note I will award you remaining 6 players a Thank you for your effort. roaddevil thedeadpoint dockwilliper Brett dan8402 dustin43160 Please provide me your mailing info for Monday's mailing. Thank you, mila_cent
  20. roaddevil right click you posted image and save on you desktop open your editing program and crop the time as shown in my sample. If you are having trouble I already did it. mila_
  21. This is a free program that will enable you to 'Print Screen' and also capture the 'area' you want to focus on. PrintKey 2000 http://www.webtree.ca/newlife/printkey_info.htm mila_
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