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  1. Just got back from the local flea market. Found a few more good deals 1966 Spain 100 Ptas (.4887 oz ASW) - $6.50 - Current melt value: $10.11 35% below melt 1956 Netherlands 1 Gulden (.1504 oz ASW) - $2.00 - Current melt value: $3.11 35% below melt not too shabby... The rest of the world silver wasn't that great of a deal but I snagged these two
  2. I was a few towns over on Friday and stopped in at a coin shop. It was one of those jewelry and coin places. All of the US coins were nicely stacked and priced accordingly. However, the world coins were just dumped in big bins. This is the first time I've been to a coin shop that had bins like these so I was excited. I don't collect world coins but I know a few of the silver ones. It was 5 coins for 2.00 (50 cents each) I pulled out $10.50 worth of 80% Canadian silver coins - mostly dimes. Which currently have a melt value of $1.24/ea. That's a damn good deal. Found a few more in a loose c
  3. Thanks Adding Gold/Base Metals soon.. and a few other nifty features
  4. Yup, they all do that. I think its a law or something lol. Vending machines are going to have to start doing it I believe someone said on here that there is a law coming for vending machines to accept and return them.
  5. It's been up and down all week. Went down to 19.45 for a few hours. Now back over 20. Haven't seen it get any higher then what I originally posted just yet. Yeah, they do limit supply on diamonds to keep the price up. I saw something on the news a few years ago about a start-up company that can create diamonds. Not CZ but actual diamonds. They have these odd size chambers and not sure how the technology works but they went and got them from Germany and hacked them up. Not sure whatever happened to that company but it was tested and worked. Wish I could remember the name of it.
  6. Help get you started... United States of America 5c 1942-1945 10c 1964 25c 1964 50c 1970 $1 1976 Canada 5c 1921 10c 1968 25c 1968 50c 1967 $1 1967
  7. Well you can still get $10-$100 in rolls at a time. They'll be customer rolled quarters though - 99.99% of the time. Less likely to have anything highly valuable in them. However they would still have some BU Statehood Quarters. Remember in a few months they'll be releasing new designs and you can get rolls of them from your bank at face value in uncirculated condition. You just gotta ask for the state. I've been roll hunting a lot lately and its taken some time to warm up to the tellers and find which branches are willing to work with me. Even though they are the same bank (Wachovia, Bank
  8. I just turned 23... lol age isn't really a factor here. I know an 15 year old that makes $20/yard and has more cash in the bank then his parents. Budgeting is everything.
  9. Around here (southwest florida) the only bank that really seems to have them in $100+ increments is Wachovia. I bought $100 worth at the Wachovia across the street and they were already checked (had a checkmark on the roll). Then about 10 miles up the road, in another town, I got $100 more from a different Wachoiva. That's where I found some silver but not much. Bank of America a few towns over had 3 rolls - thats it. And of course they were already searched ( a large sharpie marking) Regions Bank doesn't even order them and rarely has them from customers. Yeah, smaller banks seem
  10. That's pretty neat. There was another thread on a different forum where someone was asking about people turning pictures of their currency into art. You did it very nicely and what a lovely lady. Fun project and has sparked some ideas
  11. Take $500 out of your bank account and get a box of quarters. Go through the quarters and you'll find all you need. Conditions will vary but the last box I went through looking for silver had many uncirculated statehood quarters. Deposit the the "junk" you don't want back into your bank for free or coinstar it for $0.089 free (that's 8.9 cents per $1). Then you'll get the coins at face value.. plus you just might find some other interesting things.
  12. A few tellers told me they buy up the silvers whenever they come in. So they'll call you alright but there won't be any silver, lol. I went through $500 in dimes today and found 12 silver rossies and 1 silver 1956 Canadian Dime - $19 in melt.
  13. Wow.. 10 40% from two rolls now that is a good find. I went through $260 two days ago and only found 2 40%.
  14. Wiki is still solid .. simply the person that posted that is not. The thing that makes wiki great and bad is that anyone can come in and update information. So, don't complain about the mistakes - FIX THEM
  15. Woah. It was down earlier today and now it just went over $21/oz. Current bid/ask: 21.07/21.10 Should be a fun ride.
  16. I'm not sure _why_. It was in Ken Potter's book and I've been using it ever since. Talked to my local dealer about it and he says he uses it when gets a bag of foreign coins, lol. Works okay.. I think I had too much light last time I tried it because some aluminium coins were shining white also. Helps to double check whatever is showing up white but its a good way to check a handful of coins in one go.
  17. Lay the coins on your desk and cover them with a tissue. Turn off the lights and shine a flashlight on the coins through the tissue. If they shine white their silver.. any coin that shows up dark is not silver. Ike Dollars: All 40% ikes were minted in San Fransisco. Mintmark: "S" (for San Francisco, CA) between Eisenhower's head and the date
  18. Hello everyone... My name is Chris and I'm a web/win32 application developer from sunny Southwest Florida (born and raised in the Midwest). Run a side business with my girlfriend on the weekends and have gotten back into coin collecting. Have been on other coin related forums for a few months now and decided to come over to Coin People and try it out. Currently interested in varieties and hoarding bullion Late night movies, long walks on the beach, candle light.... oh sorry
  19. You know, this is the first I've heard of the 2000-P SAC "Cheerios" Dollar.... Guess my head has been buried for too long.
  20. Not that great of a deal but if you're already bidding then why not.
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