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  1. Second coin is 1P from Ireland. Third coin is 50 stotinki from Bulgaria. Both are cheap.
  2. Looks like Kusro II (591-628 AD).
  3. Some are easier than others, if you have any repunching of the date its fairly easy to attribute. The other markers are hit and miss at grades VF and lower. I've done most of mine (grades VF to AU), some were tough. I suggest Grellman's book, fortunately it is easy to use as there are hardly any others out there for Braided hair type cents. For earlier large cents there are a number of references.
  4. I think your coin is an N-10, with a rarity of 2+ I can't see for sure, but there appear to be horizontal, raised lines extending right of the N in ONE. If that is true, then I'm confident of N-10. Also, I can't see it from the photo, but there should be a small elongate lump to the right of Y in LIBERTY. (source: The Die Varieties of US Large Cents 1840-1857 by J. Grellman) I have never had much luck online with large cents. Here are two sites that are of some, limited use for die variety searches: http://www.largecents.net/collection/photoindex.html http://www.eacs.o
  5. I have it narrowed down somewhat, but I need larger pictures of both sides.
  6. It looks to me to have been harshly cleaned, and has either AT or album toning. I don't know Overton numbers well enough to give an opinion on that.
  7. First one. Young, lithe, and ribbons floating in the breeze.
  8. 1897 Indian Head Cent. Condition AY (AboutYuck)
  9. There are about 10 coin shops within a half-hour drive of my primary residence. Of these, I have only found two to be worth visiting again. And again.
  10. Welcome to the forum Raoul, those are some great detector finds.
  11. acanthite


    Pure gold is unlikely to go bad, but gold alloyed with other metals (as it often is in coins to strengthen them) will suffer the same chemical reactions as everything else, just less intense. Pure gold CAN be altered as well, but the conditions are difficult to reproduce in surficial temperature and pressure regimes. One place where I would not throw a gold coin is the Champagne Pool, North Island, New Zealand, a hot spring that possess elevated concentrations of dissolved gold and plenty of negatively charged sulfur. The coin's surface would likely be eroded as gold was taken into solution
  12. Welcome to the forum, tell us about what you like to collect.
  13. And now for something completely different. Himyarites (Arabia Felix) 'Amdan Bayyin Yanaf 50-150 AD AR, scyphate Obverse: Bust facing right Reverse: Bust facing right with palm tree, above (right to left) 'MDN BYN, symbol, across base RYDN. Raidan mint.
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