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  1. An acquaintance has asked me if this coin has any value but the type is far removed from anything with which I have any competency. A google search leads me to believe that the probability of this coin being genuine is close to zero and it is questionable if there are any real examples in existence. Apparently there are a large number of reproductions of coins of this type. But since it is so far from my competency, I will ask.
  2. Shot this picture for a guy who wants to use it in the header a website of some description, he seemed to like it. Thought you guys might too.
  3. I've been a gold coin investor for about 6 years. Most of my holdings were chosen for monetary appreciation but I do hold some coins for their numismatic value. 70% of my stash was sold in spring of 2008 to buy a house and property but I still have, and will keep as a fallback against bad times, a significant stash. I want my investment gold to have a couple of characteristics in mind. First, I want the gold to be universally recognizable. When it comes time to sell, I don't want to have to educate some buyer about obscure Russian gold coins. Secondly I want to buy it and sell it for the
  4. With only a P&S camera and no specialty lighting, you'll never get the conditions right inside for technical reasons that would take too long to explain. Try outside on a bright day but not in direct light. Try from different angles until the light hits just right. You have to work for it but when everything is right you can come up with a spectacular result.
  5. No 90%? Oh well, that's gotten pretty well cleaned out but it sure does make the day. It's been about 10 years but I still remember the last time a cashier dropped a 90% half in change on the counter. There were a couple people behind me in line but at the sound of the ring, everyone took notice. That's real money. It takes two really stupid (or ignorant) people in a row for that to happen, one to spend it and the other to take it in and turn it back out as change.
  6. Thanks for that. The Kookaburra is on a slice of geode which commonly contains crystalline structure, whether technically quartz I don't know. I've about 15-20 different geodes that I use along with many leather and fabric samples that I use for backgrounds. Notice the leather Panda background. It gives another element of composition. Usually I try to keep the background muted but sometimes I'll bring it up a few notches. See if you think I was successful below. The picture of my setup posted above tells more about how I shoot than I could type in several hours. Just a couple of notes, the
  7. I'm decent at it but I approach it more as an art form than as an accurate representation of a particular coin. You simply must have a camera and lens capable of sharp images, after that it's lighting and experimenting-- These images were done with a DSLR camera and a 100mm f2.8 macro lens. I correspond with a guy who takes very nice images using a much lesser rig than mine but he has to work really hard.
  8. I recently bought this Marie Teresa restrike from ebay but don't know much about it. I am familiar with the concept of restrikes since I have a couple of 4 ducat coins. Who produces this, the Austrian Mint? The coin weight is 28.1 grams, silver content unknown.
  9. A few years back at a coin show, a booth had these from the 2005 RCM. I bought a few. The coins called "Maple Leaves of Hope" are laser cut and are very hard to photo to advantage. They got piled in with the rest of my collection but I haven't heard anything about them since. Anyone ever hear of them?
  10. I've got several hundred. They are nice. This earlier version of the Queen is easier to deal with.
  11. Toonie and a Loonie from a 2006 silver proof set--- I'm live in Florida and rarely see Canadian coinage but the proof stuff that I've bought have been spectacular.
  12. I usually carry, but don't spend, a garden variety Silver Eagle. I'll show it occasionally and have been known to give them for tips.
  13. I heard $1279, but the info was 2nd hand. I've also heard the the Mint is considering a palladium version next year. I want both but spot + $450 is a bunch for what is essentially a bullion coin.
  14. I was in Key West shortly after Fisher found the Atocha during the couple of years that he fought ownership with the State of Florida. He had rented an old wood house in downtown Key West and had the treasure displayed. The gold, emeralds and other hyper value items were in cases but the run of the mill stuff like 80 pound silver bars were just stacked everywhere.
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