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  1. The more I look at them the less I like them. The ten pence and two pence are ok as individual designs but the others just don't work for me. As for the pound, we've already had that design albeit with a crown on top!!
  2. I like the idea and the overall design, but only when viewed as a set. I don't think the individual coins work. For example if you look at the penny coin in isolation you would think what on earth is up with that??? Looks like a mint error where they have tried to stamp a large design on a small planchet. Just my opinion!!
  3. I think this it might be fun to see if we can come up with the earliest circulating commemorative. Surely they can't go back that far? Can They?
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a list of countries with when they stopped issueing silver coins for circulation, or will I need to trawl through krause and make my own list? I find it becomes difficult sometimes to know if a coin circulated or if it was only issued as a non-circulating commemorative. Sometimes even mintage figures and grade is not a clear indication. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  5. Beautiful Coins, a lovely slideshow. Silver coins are my favourite, even over gold ones.
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