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  1. Is there any IRC channels for banknote collectors? Would be cool to chat with numismatics online... Otherwise you could occasionally find me at Efnet #alfaromeo /Matthias
  2. And what's that crap about Alexander Hamilton being turned to the left on the new notes...? He's always been the only portrait turned to the left cuz he's not a president. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury..... /Matthias
  3. Here you can download a movie 'bout the new notes... mms://qstream-wm.qbrick.com/01733/01733_3119_wis_s.wmv I never got it to work with sound, so I don't know if there is supposed to be any.. /Matthias
  4. You're right of course, but as a some kind of expert on counterfeits (I manage a counterfeit training team within the bank where I work), I mean that a forgery of a note of such low value, it would not be anything else than a photocopied or printed copy on a regular piece of paper with significant lack of quality. Anyone, even a illiterate dominican pesant could with a closer look determine that it would be a fake - under pressure/stress, even the best could miss one fake note among others. And given that you've taken your time to question the note, taken a photograph of the notes and post a q
  5. ...and considering that 10 DOP is only worth around 30 cents, it's not a forged note. /Matthias Diego
  6. Lebanon: Small size LBP20,000 note. A small size 20,000 livres note has been recently issued. Macao: New Banco Nacional Ultramarino notes. The long awaited new family of notes of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino has been finally released to circulation. Peru: Improved 100 soles note. The Banco Central de Reserva del Peru is issuing an improved 100 nuevos soles note. It will include a holographic band, a segmented security strip and an impression in Optical Variable Ink. U.S.A.: New $10 note release date. The release of the new $10 note is scheduled for March 2, next year
  7. Canada: Improved 5 dollars note. The Bank of Canada plans to issue an improved 5 dollars note in the second half of 2006. Haiti: 1,000 gourdes note. It seems that the 1,000 gourdes notes dated 1999 and 2005 which were held in reserve by the Banque de la Republique d'Haiti will be released to circulation very soon. Iran: New 2000 rials note. The Central Bank of Iran has issued a new 2,000 rials note on November 5. The note show Khomeini in one side and a mosque on the other. Kazakhstan: New notes. The National Bank of Kazakhst
  8. Well, say what you want, but my collection is currently stored in photoalbums... No glue or noting I'd like to find a good internet shop for notecollectors supplies where I could find proper albums. Apparently, no disrespect, but the average banknotedealers homepage sucks more or less. Thanx for answers /Matthias Diego
  9. If you don't need the cash, keep it. Otherwise I'd be happy to buy it from you and I'll pay £30 in small notes... No.. Keep it, give it to your offspring. /Matthias Diego
  10. Thank's a lot! But I have to say; There's nothing like coming in from the cold an make a cozy fire an look in my notecollection album and sort some notes... Since we deal with Thai bath at work, I get hold of everything in circulation, but I'll sure let you know if there is anything in the area that awakes my interest! The same goes with you, Let me know if there is anything you want from tis kingdom or around... /Matthias
  11. The swedish riksbank will soon release a new 1000-note. It will the first note ever to contain a brand new securityfeature. The note is TOP SECRET at present, but now on thursday 27:th I'll be going to Crane, Tumbabruket, the company that prints the swedish notes among others, and get the new feature and other printing techniques explained to me. It's a part of my job!! I'm the manager of a small anticounterfeit training team... Tell U all about it later
  12. This is a great welcoming! The slogan for this forum may just be true, I came for the coins [notes] and stayed for the people... To answer some of the questions, I work at Stockholm-Arlanda airport, for a company called SEB Ecxhange. We have roughly 42 different currencies in stock and every now and then I get hold of some worthless crap that customers dont want. Usually in poor condition. But the currencies we trade usually comes crisp from the national centralbanks. Another cool thing I get is the release material, booklets, posters and CD's when countries release new money.
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Matthias an I work at a currency exchange office in Sweden. I've been a not-so-serious papermoney collector as long as I can remeber, but the last few years it's been a bit more serious. My collection is more about quantity than quality, due to a thin paymentcheck and the fact is that I get a lot from my customers as a gift or due to the currency they want to change is out of date and I usually offer them a modest private rate. Then the notes rarely in UNC-condition.... Besides that I buy some from the local Red Cross. If there is any current money U would li
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