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  1. I'm not leaving. Just wishing to make a point. I did get a really nice speedboat today though, so I might pause the coin collecting for now. I gots lots of boating to do and gear to purchase!
  2. Maybe I misunderstood what the forum was about. If there's not room for newbie questions, I maybe don't beling here.
  3. For sure. There are many accounts and findings of items believed to be used for trade and beauty. Certainly an ancient would value a beautiful tropical bird feather over a raven's. The ancient city of Acoma was a trading epicenter, and Chaco Canyon an ancient Las Vegas, or so the experts believe. I don't think pure survival can be ruled as lacking pleasure. In today's world many third world countries have been determined to hold an overall hogher happiness in life than many countries, especially the USA. What we percieve as pleasures are often times not as rewarding long term as the simplicity of,,,, well just life...
  4. Thank you Art. I wasn't able to do that with my phone.
  5. I just won an auction on eBay for a copper shipwreck coin. It's been on my list to aquire a shipwreck coin, and regardless of its authenticity I'm thrilled until finding out otherwise. I also collect copper bullion and decorations, so that it's copper intrigues me as well. Definitely for me worth the $4 I paid. Here's a link : i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjAw/z/B8AAAOxyMd1SHDSw/$T2eC16dHJIYFHOJ-plBrBSHDSwBVwg~~60_3.JPG?set_id=880000500F I love the shield design!
  6. Looks like what I end up with when I'm drinking a case of beer on a Saturday and melt down the cans in my furnace as I drink them...
  7. Without researching, I plan on not doing any coin cleaning for fear of doin it improperly and risking damaging my coin. What's the norm on this subject? Is there easy, safe cleaning? Is it recommended at all? Would you have it professionally cleaned depending on value? Thanks in advance for the answers. Josh
  8. I was thinking I might check out the local antique shops. I'm certain without looking or knowing much about coins they are over priced, but I am a huge proponent of buying local. I like knowing my money is staying in my community.
  9. Ok, $1. Probably better off trading it for 100 copper pennies. That's about what I figured. I did read that they're becoming more popular to collectors due to limited years. I think I'll keep it in the collection since I own it already. Thanks for the info.
  10. Yes, I read that. I need it really dumbed down though...
  11. Ok, I have a dollar coin. It was actually given to me by a passenger. She boarded and handed it to me saying, "This is for good luck!" I tossed it in my flight bag seven years ago and haven't crashed a jet yet. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Cleveland (as I type this). I figured I'd pull it out and figure it out. I start searching for answers on the web, and am throughly exhausted with trying to figure out first of all what it's worth, and also understand Ikes in general since clearly it's a confusing subject. From what I can tell, my standard circulated 1977 D Ike is worth no more than good luck in my flight bag (a few bucks). Someone give me the run down on these things... Thanks!
  12. I'm planning a stop by my favorite hobby shop on Saturday for supplies! I know it's not the cheapest, but I want to support the local guys. So what should I get? I'm thinking some cardboard squares (or whatever you call them), a nice box to hold them, and maybe some coin cards to start collecting stabdard change by year. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have to get them out of the Crown Royal bag... ;D
  13. Yeah, they should stick to newer coins. Neat though. I bet the pieces are pretty sturdy. I'll get one and report back...
  14. Originally from Lindstrom. Just moved back from Phoenix and bought a house in Chisago City. How about you?
  15. Kings Bluff


    Ok, I'm doing a little better... How's this?
  16. Kings Bluff


    I was just thinking about a few other aspects however that still turns me (for now) towards lower value/condition coins. Kids for one. My kids are young. They want to touch the coins, carry them around, play with them, loose them, etc. Of course a handful of worthless little coins are of no concern. I'd save my money up for a gorgeous coin of worth and beauty,,, but then how do I include the kid's ambition? The other factor is that I am on a limited budget. I used to collect silver coins. I had numerous silver eagles and other bullion and such. It was great, but there was no character in owning ten silver eagles with merely different dates on them. Silver went up and I sold them. I began collecting copper bullion for that reason. Cheap. If I have X amount of money to spend,,, while I'd love to blow my entire monthly budget on one amazing piece, and collect 12 items each year or less, that would be fine. If I divide it up however among cheaper and lower quality coins,,, I can collect on a daily basis! I can browse eBay or other places and keep an endless supply of fun stuff coming in the mail! Of course the collection is worth little, not impressive, and not resaleable,,, but it's fun...... Face it,,, if we wanted beauty and top quality,,, we'd all save up for our whole life and buy high end platinum, or million dollar pennies... The thing about collecting though,,, is that you collect. What and how you collect is irrelevant to anyone other then the owner of the collection. Even a coin such as the Argentinian piece I'm in search of from my childhood means more to me than a million dollar penny. So,,, I'm sure I'll move up and on to bigger and better coins. It's early though. Very early in my collecting career. At this point,,, if my little girls can run every couple days to check the mailbox and are amazed at the treasures they find and drag around the house,,,, I'm collecting memories,,, not just coins... Josh
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