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  1. I picked up this medal yesterday in a lot I purchased at my LCS. Only cost me silver melt, so no loss if it's nothing. But, what little I have managed to learn about tell me it is probably a lot more than nothing. It is an inch and a half in diameter and the edge has stamped "MEDALLIC ART CO N.Y." and just to the right of that "STERLING SILVER" It contains just shy of an ounce of silver. Based on what I have managed to learn I think it is some sort of medal that was given to players of the winning team for the 1958 NCAA Basketball Championship. The team that won that year was the Univer
  2. Hi! New to this Forum, but definitely not new to coins (over 35 years collecting). Not new to forums, either, but a bad experience elsewhere has driven me away for awhile (don't ask; I'm not going to sling any mud!) Let's just say I recognize a large number of you. Anyway, miss the cameraderie, and looking forward to chatting up Numismatics again. Anyway, the main reason I broke the ice is I managed to obtain something that even the vast resources of the Internet cannot tell me anything about. Anybody that knows anything about medals, especially sports related medals (NCAA) your exp
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