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  1. Hello to all I will trade Portuguese coins for US or European Commemorative Coins. I can get Euro Portuguese coin if you are interested. Please visit http://pedrotravassos.planetaclix.pt to see what I have for trade. The Website will be updated as soon as possible With my best regards to all
  2. That 1 Escudo in very very fine. Congratulations for the aquisition.
  3. I'm really sorry to say that in the portuguese catalog for coins and banknotes that the 20 Centavos "banknote" is classified as a notegeld... you don´t see the "BANCO DE PORTUGAL" denomination anywhere, but instead you see the CASA DA MOEDA. That one is an emergency note.
  4. the first one is not a banknote... it´s a notegeld... or as we say it here... CÉDULA
  5. the one of the Order of Virtuti Militari is fantastic. i´d like to have it in my collection
  6. very interesting piece... congratulations
  7. some of them are really great!
  8. I predict a terrible and dark year for the Portuguese Numismatic I´m so sad with INCM for abandon the silver coinage and replace them for niquel.
  9. Dan769: I´ll see what I have... are you only interested in after 1940?
  10. Sorry to say but I dont know if there is going to be one. I´m only familiar with the programme for 2008... but it sure deserves one.
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