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  1. Yeah, inflation notes are quite interesting. I did a paper and presentation for a college class on post war inflation and it's effects. Once I looked into the actual Rates of inflation, it was an eye opener... I'd heard that people had to spend their daily wages as they got them to avoid the loss due to the rises, but some of the increases were frighteningly large over just a couple of days.
  2. No, THey are actually a bit larger. about 10 inches long by 3 inches wide. The larger one is 3/16 of an inch more. That was a mystery to me too, so I consulted with an expert on Chinese banknotes, Erwin Meyer. Erwin is one heck of a great guy with an amazing amount of knowledge and understanding of the language, culture, and history of China and their currency. He explained that the (translated) phrase is simply Copper Money, 1 Diao (diao=String). The other note doesn't have the copper character, but it is merely a shortened method of stating the same thing, and is still evidently dealing with copper units. For me, translating the charachters is one thing, but putting them into context is quite another - as with any language.
  3. Thought I'd share these two remainder banknotes from China - used in the same city, but issued by different companies, and printed by two other companies, these similar notes were denominated in 1 copper diao (string) during the chinese republic period. I bought these notes due to their similaries with obvious differences and to show the printing styles and practices of issuing similar currency at that time period.
  4. Welcome to Coinpeople, Nagesh! You have a nice set of notes on your blog. What got you into collecting?
  5. Those are a great couple of websites! Thanks for sharing your collections. I have saved them to revisit again.
  6. Dave


    I had three in mind when I wrote earlier. These are them: Bhutan - asian style dragon Russia - St. George & the Dragon (a very snake/worm looking dragon) Norway - with a decent replication of a woodcut on of a warrior and a dragon (I don't think it's supposed to be St. George) The images are not to scale [edit - Many earlier Russian notes have St. George and the dragon hidden in the center of the seal... Like on the coins, you need a strong loupe to make it out decently though.]
  7. Today the mail brought this note. 1943 Spain 5 Pesetas - Queen Isobel on front and Columbus planning his voyage on the back.
  8. It is. Spain had a number of notes devoted to the age of exploration that i've been trying to piece together. This is one of three in the series I recently bought... the other two should be arriving in the next few days.
  9. Will have a couple Spanish notes coming in over the next few days. Here's a 1943 1 Peseta: It's actually very small - 3 5/16 inches long by 2 5/16 inches high.
  10. Nice note DF911 - That's quite a lot of neat designs on this set of notes.
  11. Mine was waiting for me this afternoon. It's great! Thanks to all and especially Art for hosting this once again!
  12. Received this Pbsolete note in the mail today: 1846 5 Dollars, Bank of Havre de Grace, Maryland:
  13. Dave


    None are better in my opinion. I've seen some nice Asian ones, but most seem to get lost in the surrounding design of the note. I've a couple of St. George and the Dragon depictions on notes too, but they are mostly the "wormy" or "serpent" kind rather than the classic European style depicted on the 1904 German note you've posted.
  14. They all look great! Thanks to all who participated - and a special "hat's off" thanks to Art for hosting this! It's always a lot of fun!
  15. Nice Sao Tome & Principe set there, MMMM! I didn't know about the two threaded versions. That'll have me looking closer to them in the future.
  16. I agree with Art above. Nice notes. I've always prefered the top Zebra note to the second note. Congrats!
  17. I'd recommend this too. It's very flexible to a varied collection. I think most people use this type of album.
  18. I love large notes! They are so big, and I try to imagine a transaction being made with them, wondering where and how a shopkeeper or vendor would have kept them - a till with a big drawer I suppose. or very large pockets for very large wallets. I always seem to think of an over the top comical sketch like one from Carol Burnette or Monty Python.
  19. That's very nice! I don't think I've seen a 50 Mark note in that series before. Thanks for showing it!
  20. I agree. I can't imagine why I don't have a Rhosedian note yet, but I don't. I really like the images on this one.
  21. The Red S: To make printing more economical, there were several types of currency that were experimental issues. Of these, the latest we are aware of is the famous Web Press notes that were printed on a different type of printing press. These were last printed in series 1988A, 1993 and 1995. But there are several other types out there as well. Some are denoted only by the series year and the alpha characters on either side of the banknote, such as the 1928B YB and ZB banknotes. But in WWII (and in this notes case), there was a red R and a red S printed on the lower right hand side of the front of the notes. 1,184,000 of each type R & S were printed and released into circulation. Evidently, there was no useable data to make the experiment worthwhile, but the nice R and S does make them sought after notes. I've tried digging up more information on the different details on the experiments, but have only came up with the 1928B when they switched to 75% linen and 25% cotton recipe.
  22. Wouldn't you know - it came in this afternoon's post!
  23. I'm doing well, my friend! I'm sure you've been good too? My African collection is slowing, as it is to be expected I suppose. But I am bolstering some of my U.S. in the meantime. I am xpecting an experimental (red S) note soon. I'm always on the lookout for the Spain P126 1 Peseta, P127 5 Pesetas, P129 5 Pesetas too. Harder to find in decent quality than I expected, but I have come close a few times on each one... just waiting for that UNC one to show up (and at a decent price ).
  24. Cool! Thanks! Can't think of Finland now without that Ieva's Polka song cycling over and over in my head. At first it's fun... and then it's too much
  25. Nice set of note there, MMMM! I agree that they are rather hard to see detail in them due to the color scheme. Nice idea they had, though. And Madison - I see you're collection of Spanish notes is growing very nicely! Congrats to you both.
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