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  1. I have to know your experience with error coins. Check this one out and give your feedback. Do you think any of the errors listed here are good investments? List any you have please and explain. 1936 Walking Liberty Error
  2. I got he malta euro also. Nice!
  3. I just don't get why people would even make a fake of these.
  4. I have one of these and this one does not look right.
  5. This is one of the last pieces I need to complete my collection. I've already bit on similar coins a few times and lost. PLEASE let me know if going up to $2,500 makes sense for this 1883s Morgan?
  6. Bidding on one. Thanks for letting us know!
  7. Those are still awesome finds though. I've been buying up dollars like crazy tryin to complete my collection. Still looking for a few. Nice find though.
  8. Is this for real? C'mooooon. This is a little too Hollywood sounding. I don't understand what is illegal about this?
  9. Agreed on the saints. I once saw a collection of 20. Ridiculous.
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