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  1. Hi, Banknoteindex.com is now an online banknote catalog. The Compass Collectables software that was on this site is now available on http://compasscollectables.com/
  2. MMMM, access may store the fields, but it is a long shot from being able to do all Compass Collectables does. Compass Collectables will take your collection and let you create a web site without any re-entry of you details. It is also a lot easier to use than access not to mention cheaper. It can also do a lot of other bits and pieces that access can not do.
  3. Hi all, I am headed to Austria for the next 4 days and would like to check out some bank note dealers, can anyone sugest some good shops? Preferably ones that would have German Notgeld. Thanks.
  4. I have over 6000 German Notgeld but i can not think of any with fencing, I have plenty with swords however as emblems as well as being used.
  5. Hi Tegwin, your copy is already of the new version.
  6. I have released the latest version of Compass Collectables. The new version allows you to create a web site from your collection and upload it to http://your-user-name.compasscollectables.com along with a lot of other improvments. http://compasscollectables.com
  7. I have just put up an auction for 1000 notes, feel free to bid or if you would prefer i have almost 2000 more to sell PM me for some more details. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=300449530801
  8. I collect many different things in world money myself but here are some oddities that you might want to consider German Notgeld (Series Notes) you can pick up bulk lots of these for about 90cents aussie or less so quite a cheap hobbie with massive variaty Austrian Notgeld much like German but cheaper not generally as colorful but plent of great stories behind these note Non paper bank notes eg, leather, silk, linen, al foil to see some examples there is a section on my site for non paper bank notes see http://germannotgeld.com mostly these are not cheap your few common types are about $8+ but some are in the thousands of euros the majority are in the range of $50-150AUD POW notes you can get many different counties some linen and other non paper types as well, quite an interesting range. prices can start from a few dollars but go steadily up
  9. They are very nice i prefer the top one there is something about that hair and beard that makes it really grip me.
  10. I have a few copies left if anyone is interested.
  11. I am releasing a new version of Compass Collectables over the next couple of days since this version has some very significant changes I wish to do it slowly at first. I am looking for people who have a copy already and would like to get in early on the upgrade or people who would like to gain a free copy to help me in my beta testing. The catch for the free copy To gain and keep your free copy you must full fill the following over the next 2 weeks 1) use the software 2) upload a website using the software (this is a new feature I have used it to create http://germannotgeld.com and http://penny.compasscollectables.com) 3) tell me of any bugs or suggestions I have setup a forum at http://compasscollectables.com/forum/ to help in finding any issues or suggestions already commented on. The website feature explained: Using the software you can now take your entered coins, notes etc and add them to a web site the software will then upload your site to http://yourusername.compasscollectables.com so you can show off your collection to everybody, there is no cost to this it is included in the cost of the software (in this case free) The availability of free copies is limited I only need some many early testers, if you are interested please PM me with your details.
  12. Certainty the first guy must have been particularly highly regarded for such a scary looking man to make it on to a bank note
  13. It is the forth note down on this page. http://germannotgeld.com/Salzuflen%20Bad.html
  14. Thats a nice piece of Notgeld i have not seen it before i will have to dig one up.
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