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  1. Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Dear Board, By chance, does anyone have access to this article? Sharples, John (1988b). 'The Kangaroo Office': A Nineteenth Century 'Sting'. Numismatic Association of Australia Journal. 4, pp. 29-37. I just called up the ANA Library today and was a bit disappointed (although not really surprised) to hear that they don't even carry this journal. I would like to read this article (or something as potentially helpful) so as to better understand the details behind the striking of W. J. Taylor's undated Melbourne Exhibition halfpenny tokens. Here are a coup
  2. Dear Board, If others aren't too busy, I would appreciate some help here: http://www.coins.nd....TARY.intro.html From the above webpage, Louis Jordan writes: "The Wellington tokens were struck at Thomason's press with dies and punches cut by Thomas Halliday, a die-sinker located on Newhall Street in Birmingham. Rulau identifies the specific Wellington portrait punches used on the Washington military bust tokens as varieties of the Wellington bust used for the Wellington peninsular token Charlton WE-11, which is cataloged with seven small bust varieties (WE-11A) and eight large
  3. Dear Clive, Wow, you are here too?! The world seems to be shrinking like a balloon! Thank you for your kind wishes. I do hope something shows up soon. All I need is one or two battered pieces. If anyone has any photos to contribute of a Washington & Independence token, Unity cent, or one of the undated double-headed Washington cent tokens, that would be helpful too. I will make certain to credit each photographer/owner for any images used. Best regards, Mark Fox Michigan
  4. Dear Bill, What a small world! Nice to see you here and thank you for the encouraging words. Apparently not many other collectors have Washington & Independence tokens either. I am wondering what to do as time is of the essence. Happily, two Wellington Peninsular tokens are in the mail, so that will help. Best regards, Mark Fox Michigan
  5. Dear Board, I am in the process of locating 1783 Washington & Independence tokens for a possible isotopic signature analysis by Prof. Ryan Mathur. It is hoped that through this testing we may gain a better, if still imperfect, idea of who minted them by linking the copper with the ore it was mined and smelted from. The old attribution to the Soho Mint is not as likely as it once was. There is now a strong suspicion that Sir Edward Thomason's manufactory is responsible for at least the W & I military bust types. It has been noted by Rulau & Fuld in Medallic Portraits of Wash
  6. Dear Art and constanius, Thank you very much for your help! I hadn't thought of David Sklow. But yes, I have made inquiries with the ANA. My article is being written for their magazine, The Numismatist, and one of the editors promised to send me scans of the booklet some weeks ago. However, I fear they must have been too busy, and so that is why I am looking elsewhere. Bill McKivor does indeed have a copy of Eidlitz's work too, but he recently told me he has been working to death on his May Token Congress and wouldn't be able to help much with anything until after May 20. So that is
  7. Dear Board! Does anyone have access to the "Medallic Portraits of Matthew Boulton and James Watt" by Robert James Eidlitz (1928)? I am in the process of writing a coin article on James Watt for The Numismatist and have been unable to obtain some scans from the booklet. (Since it is so short, I just assume having all the pages scanned.) Unfortunately, I am under a June 4 deadline to finish the project! Any help the board can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your time. Best regards, Mark Fox Michigan
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