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  1. o ! I like that note too, it's one of my favorites. I don't have it, but some day i will! Great note MMMM!
  2. I like the lion/s on that Rhodesian note, it's my favourite!
  3. Both sites are great! wonderfull notes, it's a pleasure to see!!!
  4. I think everything's O.K. Thank's, Art!
  5. Sorry for the delay, i had some problems with my lokal PostOffice, but now everything's o.k. The notes were sent today and i hope Art will receive them in 7-10 days.
  6. Hi, guys! I got the notes this morning and I will sign and post them to Art in next two days.
  7. Hi, count me in too! Give me an address to send my note.
  8. Hi, everybody! Count me in too! I'm very sorry I missed the last year's Short Snorter, but now i'm ready!
  9. I couldn't say it better! Thank's!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  10. Hi, I'm interesting of some of your notes- Nepal, East Caribbean States and others. Please, give me some more details of how you sell them. Write in the forum, or e-mail me at notecollect@hotmail.com. Regards!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm from Bulgaria too, and even if i don't write in the forum very often, i reed the posts almost every day. See 323, what can i tell you about Bulgaria: If you want only facts, look in Wikipedia. But this is a very beautyfull country whit rich history and warm peoples, having some difficulties passing from communism to democracy. I'm 38 and i have lived in communism( till 1989) and now I can say that we live in "interesting times". As about our currency-bulgarian LEV-we have a currency board here and 1,95583 lev= 1 euro. On 1 january 2007 Bulgaria became a member of European
  12. Veri nice and interesting note! I want it in my collection, but it was too expensive on eBay till now. But now the prise is down and I will get it!
  13. I like notes, they are more beautifull, colorfull and interesting then coins, and you can get much more information from a banknote then from a coin. I used to collect coins, but now-only notes!
  14. Hi, guys! Have anybody visited the Maastricht papermoney show /www.papermoney-maastricht.org/ previous years? I know there are many numizmatic shows in U.S., but I don't know any other in Europa about banknotes, not coins. Please, if anyone had, to tell is it worth to get there? Thank's!
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