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  1. The Friendly Bowl is just ten minutes from me. We used to hitchhike there on Friday and Saturday nights to see all the fast musclecars do burnouts in the parking lot. It was the only action in town. My Mom's aunt & uncle lived in Fairfield on Quaker Lane. Her uncle Larry Thilo owned a gas station on route 1.
  2. As a matter of fact I do. Quite a few actually. One is a counterfeit 120 Grana dated 1796. Having trouble with photobucket though. Can't seem to see my links in full. Plus I work 3rd shift which turns everything upside down.
  3. My interests are numerous. Hence this is a long post! Currently working on many US sets. Walking Liberty set in Dansco needs only eight more to be done. Four other Walker sets going. Actively working on six sets of Merc dimes. One needs only 2 coins. Another Merc set only needs 9 more. Also have a high grade Merc set going slowly in an old Library of Coins album. Just about done with a high grade Franklin half set, need a couple upgrades. Many with FBL. Finished several sets of Kennedy halfs and sold 3. Roosevelt dime set in Dansco is done. Going back to my childhood and working ser
  4. Northeast corner aka the quiet corner. Also known as The last Green Valley.
  5. Hi everyone. I have been lurking as a guest for a while now. I don't very often come here but usually drop in on Coin Talk where I am a member, the PCGS forum, and the World Coin collector's forum. Finally signed up here as nutmeg. Have been buying, selling, trading coins for a few years. Sold my drag racing car a few years ago and quit drag racing at New England Dragway. Coin collecting is my main hobby. Getting tired of ebay. As soon as I have enough posts I will be buying, trading and selling some coins. Thanks.
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