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    Right above the picture you still call it a silver war nickel }:>)
  2. For sale or trade: I have numerous Kennedy half dollars as well as started sets in Whitman folders to sell or trade. If you need a certain year Kennedy please check this out. Mostly I need the Denver minted half dollars. Also for sale or trade is a complete Kennedy set in a Dansco album (no proofs).
  3. Wanted to trade Liberty V-nickels. I have to offer 1902, 1905, 1906, and 1907. Condition is Good. I am looking for 1903, 1908, 1909, 1912-D and all years from 1883 through 1899. Also I will trade for Mercury dimes. Either your nickles for my dimes or my nickels for your dimes.
  4. I like the Mexican coins too. I have a nice BU 1982 Libertad, plus numerous other Mexican coins. Recently I read somewhere that the Mexico City mint is the oldest existing mint in North America.
  5. I attended a coin show last Sunday Jan 13th. The 2008 ASE were selling for $18.50 each.
  6. nutmeg


    How can you charge so little for shipping? Doesn't it cost more than a dollar to mail several coins?
  7. I was told that dealers are paying 5 cents each for common circulated wheat cents. Has anyone sold bulk wheat cents for that price recently?
  8. One share equals a tenth ounce? OK, so I bought a tenth ounce AGE coin less than a year ago from the Franklin mint for $65. Today at a coin show they were asking $95 for 1/10 oz. AGE coins. There's $30 profit. Can the ETF do that?
  9. Actually for Lincoln cents this is quite common.
  10. I voted the ASE for one reason only. They are the easiest to liquidate when the time comes. All three are beautiful.
  11. Nice coins. I like the 2 cent piece. You list the 1939 Seychelles rupee as from an unknown country. Isn't it from the country known as the Island of Seychelles?
  12. I have some old style Connecticut plates. They are dark blue with white letters. Now a collector's item. Will trade for coins. Thanks.
  13. One of the dealers nearby has a bid board. I placed bids on several coins thinking I'd be outbid. Well I won 3 of the gold coins. Just the sales tax alone wiped out my monthly budget! Had to make a serious withdrawl from my savings account. This was just prior to the price of gold hitting $700. So actually I'm glad I picked them up when I did.
  14. I agree for that kind of coin- graded is the only way to go.
  15. I only own one ASE proof. But they are stunning coins. The rest of my ASE coins are uncirculated.
  16. Hello and welcome. I don't know about clubs but there is a coin show today, Oct. 28 in Westford. It is exit 32 off 495. Right on route 110. It is held every month.
  17. I have had several trying moments on eBay. I'll just tell of one time when I won an auction for an ASE at midnight on a Saturday night. Sunday morning I got a nasty message from the seller asking when I was going to pay him. He said "It has been 3 days now and you better pay up or I'll leave neg feedback". Well this ticked me off. I sent several messages back through eBay, 2 private e-mails also and never got a reply. Well I guess I was a bit more worked up than I should have been. I found his telephone number on the invoice and called him on the telephone; Connecticut to California. W
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