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  1. OK this is a strange reply but... If you are going to hog the left lane then be ready to go 90 MPH.

    It's the fast lane after all. Speeding up rather than applying the brakes is what the tailgaiter wants.

    Many times they will not follow you at 90mph. I think it's safer than weaving in and out of lanes or forcing others to weave in and out OR pass you on the right side in the middle lane.

    That's just my opinion and yes my lowly NEON does 90mph. That said, the best solution I ever saw was a flame shooter tailpipe. A spark plug is wired in to the extreme end of the exhaust pipe and kerosene is piped in from a reservoir just before the spark plug.

    The second best thing I ever saw was a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo just like the one I had. But this Finnish guy had converted his windshield washer spray nozzle to a smaller one. Then he bent it upward to shoot a stream of water up and over his roof. The tailgater receives a water stream hitting his vehicle. But he can't see where the water is coming from especially at night.

    Dangerous you say? Well so is tailgating. I once stopped at a stop sign and got out of my car to tell the guy behind me to quit tailgating me. I said I'll slam on my brakes". He says "Go ahead, I'll plow right into you". This is a true story from my earlier days. Well I had a big old Dodge station wagon.

    He had a new Ford Escort. True enough once we got going again he pulled up an inch behind my bumper. I locked up the brakes and he hit the large heavy bumper of my wagon.

    His whole front end was wiped out, crunched right up to his winshield and leaking anti-freeze.

    When I braked the nose of the wagon tilted down and the rear raised up. All I had for damage was a small puck the size of a half dollar on my chrome rear bumper. His car was towed. I drove away [after getting arrested]. I got a good lawyer and the charges were reduced to a minor traffic violation.

    One last thing. I used to be a contractor. We were working on an old house and renailing clapboards.

    I got a can and saved all the old cut square head nails we pulled out. I had a 1966 Mustang.

    A big monster motor home was tailgating me and wouldn't quit. I was doing 5mph over the speed limit. My wife threw handfulls of nails out the window at the motor home. They backed off.

    Now these are things I did in my stupid youth, before cell phones.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I just ordered a 73 proof set that's all cameo from a friend. Hadn't had a chance to update this list yet. Sorry about that.


    No problem. Not sure I wanted to sell it anyway. I do have a question though. I am not very keen on Ikes. How can I tell if my S minted proofs are 40 % silver? Are all proofs silver?

  3. For sale: Two slabbed Proofs- ICG graded 1959 proof 65 silver dime and ICG graded 1963 proof 66.

    $17 shipped to 48 states for both.

    Complete set of circulated dimes 1946 to 1966 in vintage Library of Coins album. The 1955 is uncirculated. Nice set, nothing missing. $70 shipped to 48 states.

  4. Lots of coins to trade. I need 2 of the the 2009-D Presidential Tyler dollars. Will trade my P minted dollar coins. No rolls. Have rolls of the P mint log splitter cent. Will trade for a roll of the Denver

    log splitter cent. Need 2009-D, 2002-D and 2003-D mint Kennedy halfs, a few D minted states quarters, a 2009-D dime and your other Denver coins. Looking for a nice 1937 Canada small cent.

  5. i havent looked at the bullion price of silver in weeks!!! wow u think it will go down to $10 an ounce?? or even lower??? holy moly i should look at siler prices more eh?




    Well it's a different story trying to buy. The bidders on eBay don't seem to know silver has dropped.

  6. Hello folks, I have several star notes I'd like to get a wee bit more than face value for them.


    Two consecutive serial number brand new $5 bills with the purple 5. These are crisp uncirculated and have never been folded. I got these a few months ago and they are like brand new. They are two of the first star notes made [with consecutive numbers]. IA01682383* and IA01682384*


    Item #2 a $20 star note with series 1999 serial # BG02908177*


    Item #3 a $10 star note with series 2004A serial # GB 00265984*


    Item #4 a $1 star note with series 2003A serial # C 02753477* Philadelphia


    Item #5 a $1 star note with series 2003 serial # B 09776143* New York


    Face value of these six star notes is $42.00 and I will let them go to a good home for $48.00

    and I'll pay shipping to 50 United States. That's just about 93 cents premium each.

    Send a private message if interested. Thanks for looking..

  7. I got mine when my wife went to Alberqurque. It seems no one is trading rolls now? What's happened to our left siders?




    Seems like a lot less interest. As the state quarters are coming to the end of the run I think people are seeing they aren't worth much. Everybody who wants them already has them. The only entity that is laughing is the US Mint.

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