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  1. Please note these photos are not of the actual coin. The coin for sale is much nicer.
  2. Hey someone else is nutmeg? I joined in Sept. 2007 with the name nutmeg. At least you are from good old Connecticut. Anyway I have for sale a 2002 Uncirculated Zambia One Thousand Kwacha in a Littleton display holder. The coin is .925 silver and weighs 31.104 gms. Obverse is Queen Elizabeth ll and reverse is David Livingstone. Price $21 shipped.
  3. 2002 Silver one ounce coin being sold for Bullion. $18.50 with free shipping to the 48 United States. Comes in Littleton packaged holder.
  4. No problem. Not sure I wanted to sell it anyway. I do have a question though. I am not very keen on Ikes. How can I tell if my S minted proofs are 40 % silver? Are all proofs silver?
  5. For sale: Two slabbed Proofs- ICG graded 1959 proof 65 silver dime and ICG graded 1963 proof 66. $17 shipped to 48 states for both. Complete set of circulated dimes 1946 to 1966 in vintage Library of Coins album. The 1955 is uncirculated. Nice set, nothing missing. $70 shipped to 48 states.
  6. Lots of coins to trade. I need 2 of the the 2009-D Presidential Tyler dollars. Will trade my P minted dollar coins. No rolls. Have rolls of the P mint log splitter cent. Will trade for a roll of the Denver log splitter cent. Need 2009-D, 2002-D and 2003-D mint Kennedy halfs, a few D minted states quarters, a 2009-D dime and your other Denver coins. Looking for a nice 1937 Canada small cent.
  7. I have the 1973-S proof in very nice shape. Asking $12 shipped to the 48 continental states.
  8. Wanted- problem free 1911S, 1912S and 1915S Lincoln cents. Must be reasonably priced. Send PM if you have something. Thank you.
  9. Well it's a different story trying to buy. The bidders on eBay don't seem to know silver has dropped.
  10. For Sale: 1927 Peace dollars. Semi-Key with mintage of 848,000. Two available. Free shipping. One at $28 and one at $29.95.
  11. Hello folks, I have several star notes I'd like to get a wee bit more than face value for them. Two consecutive serial number brand new $5 bills with the purple 5. These are crisp uncirculated and have never been folded. I got these a few months ago and they are like brand new. They are two of the first star notes made [with consecutive numbers]. IA01682383* and IA01682384* Item #2 a $20 star note with series 1999 serial # BG02908177* Item #3 a $10 star note with series 2004A serial # GB 00265984* Item #4 a $1 star note with series 2003A serial # C 02753477* Philadel
  12. Six Liberty nickels for $18 and free shipping to the 48 states. Lot #3 1902 VG 1905 G 1906 G 1907 G+ 1912 VG8 1912-D VG8 Lot #2 Three coins $5 with free shipping 1905 [rim ding] 1906 1907 Lot #3 1906 Liberty nickel for $2 with free shipping
  13. Ha- I just saw this post today Martin. I'm all set for the N. Mex. quarters. Next time just PM me and I'll see it faster!
  14. For sale: Lincoln wheat cents by the roll at $2.50 per roll. Shipping is extra. This is a nice mixture of dates. All rolls have coins from all 3 mints. None have been checked for repunched mint marks and double dies.
  15. Seems like a lot less interest. As the state quarters are coming to the end of the run I think people are seeing they aren't worth much. Everybody who wants them already has them. The only entity that is laughing is the US Mint.
  16. Blue Whitman folder with 23 different Mercury dimes $34 shipped. Eight Liberty V nickels $9 shipped. 1938 Walking Liberty half $9 shipped. 1912 Barber half $12 shipped. Pictures available by e-mail.
  17. Anyone interested in a roll of unc P mint New Mexico quarters? Will trade for your unc roll of Denver mint New mexico quarters. PM if interested. Thanks.
  18. PM sent with an offer. You have not replied.
  19. Anyone want to trade your unc Denver minted Monroe dollar for my unc Philly minted Monroe? Send PM if interested. Thanks.
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