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  1. Where is the best place to sell something like this?
  2. Thank You Very Much for the Information. I have always been interested in coins and as of lately I have never realized just how intense this topic is. I have started learn a lot. Its very interesting to me. I love the history. If I even wanted to sell them, where would be the best place to start? Thanks again
  3. The silver are 1oz each of the Canadian provinces. Been told the silver is worth alone around $200. I've looked into the one cent piece from 1880 Newfoundland and found one for sale for quite a high amount but it was 1872. Are the coins in the World War II collection toast? They look mint and untouched to me.
  4. I have recently found these coin collections at my grandpa's. Can you help me put a value to them. OR even tell me where I can go to put a value to them please. Thanks for your time Sorry for the low quality pictures. If you need better quality I can do it fairly easy.
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