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  1. My wild guess is a jeton from Nuremberg, also called rechenpfennig. I assume it is from the 1450s. Made of Bronze or Billion, diameter is about 24-26mm. Legend can be fictious. On your coin it can be hardly read. On reverse I see "LEO GERA". Ger has nothing to do with Germany as at that time it was not existed. There is a city in Thüringia called GERA, which has not issued coins, so probably the word contiues on, if has a meaning at all. LEO can be an abbreviation of Leonhard, Leopold, or anything else. Coin can be German and French alike. I hope it helps.
  2. Hi, I have not seen this fals anywhere yet. Found on the web in Walker's catalog as #622. Can be rare, please confirm. Umayyads, fals, cca 700, Bronze, from Jerash.
  3. Hi Everyone, Here is some of my "worns": 3 kreuzer, denomination can still be read, mint mark also. There is something like bullet mark on it. I graded this to Good. 1 kreuzer, it is not easy to identify the mint mark ("B"), nor the date (1862) I found this coin in the dust at the feet of the Acropolis in Athens. Corroded a bit. 5 lepta from 1894, you would not guess that this is a Cu-Ni coin!
  4. Good work folks, You really did it. First Hungarian coin, I assume in the line? Enjoy: 15 krajcár (kreutzer), Ag, with Leopold I, The Hogmouth, from the Habsburg Dynasty, and a much nicer Madonna with the Child, the emblem of Hungary.
  5. Hey Guys, c'mon, Everybody pulls out the 1693 gun. Now. I only have a day, before leaving with my wonderful 1692!
  6. Next time send me a message, now I am late with this image... I am sorry for not checking on you guys frequently. I will have 1692, then 1672, 1640, etc. Latest is 1526. But I am leaving soon for a vacation...
  7. Thanks akdrv, My on-line collection is still growing, I am adding 10 coins a week. Unfortunately the initial scans were gray-scaled, I am still correcting them to color. Reason was simple, I could only print my catalog pages on bw laser printers at that time. My original goal with the scans is to update my coin database with nicer pictures and as a side effect I upload them to Omnicoin. To be honest I started with pencil draws I do not know if you know what I am speaking about. These do not worth uploading anywhere, but in the old times they were widely used (even in KM).
  8. It is a 10 kurus from 1923 (AH 1341) made of Al-Bronze KM 832, one among the first coins of the new Republic of Turkey. Some reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_lira_(old). Similar coins from my collection on omnicoin: http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=917635 (although it is definitelly not from 1926 but from 1923) http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=912525
  9. Hi all there, Some of you might know me from omnicoin or at least my collection: http://www.omnicoin.com/user_view.aspx?id=vajaho I have been planning to join your forum for some time now, but finally I got two minutes on Friday afternoon to do the tedious job. I will help some newbies to identify coins. My specialty is the Árpád era of early Hungarian coinage, but generally I am also interested in World coins including African coins. Feel free to contact me anytime. Next job is to join the paper guys, but just after finishing my coin scanning project (about two-three years from now)... Bye for now, Vajaho
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