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  1. I found a place to host the images, not sure why that host is so slow, it's usually fairly fast. http://www.isarapix.com/pix11/1196840222.png http://www.isarapix.com/pix69/1196840259.png
  2. Well, I have a habit of reading sticky threads and it said to make it interesting. I've got say, hearing I could have sold it for $4000, I wish I hadn't have sold it yet. The booklet it was in graded it as an MS63, and I sold it for $1750 on eBay. I'll confess that the thread was to see if I was taken, but I was originally only looking for $750 from it, so I think I made off well. I'd find faster hosting, but I can't find any that will let me upload pictures these size. Should I scale them down?
  3. I recently auctioned off this coin after receiving it from a deposit box my grandfather had left me. I sold it on eBay with little knowledge of the value other than the grading it had on the booklet it came in and the suggested retail in coin books. So, your challenge? What was the grade, and how much did I sell it for? (Images might take a bit to load) http://www.mousebaked.org/upload/coinfacehighdef.png http://www.mousebaked.org/upload/cointailhighdef.png It was actually really hard to decide to sell it off, but I haven't collected coins in years, and just couldn't justify holdi
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