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  1. When won only 1 out of 5 tokens at the 2011 New York sale, I must admit that I was a little upset. I suppose for any collector, an incomplete set becomes an obsession. I asked 2 of my collector friends to guide me in finding more of the tokens for sale. Well, some time and some money and I now have a complete set. Going forward, I hope to upgrade some of the tokens to UNC condition in time. Does anyone remember how much the LANZ tokens sold for?
  2. 3 kop and 1 kop are from Markov. The last one was part of the set he was selling last January. I was bidding "live" on all tokens, and there were 5 I think, but was able to purchase only the 1 kop token. The others were going too high beyond the stated estimate. The 3 kop, he sold to me privately about a year earlier. Rest are from eBay and through a Russian dealer. I didn't see them from LANZ. I was "off on vacation"...
  3. These are tokens. The set was issued by management of the "Shorno" luggage factory in 1921, 1922 when Soviet government didn't have enough silver coins to pay workers. The set is illustrated in Spassky book I got from D. Markov....
  4. If a coin is graded and includes wording such as "au details", does this imply that the coin is damaged in some way, but has some nice detail left somewhere on it's surface? Are these coins still collectable?
  5. I had a similar experience during a Heritage auction a few years back. My pre-auction bid and the bid from a floor bidder were the same, but I didn't know this as the lot simply indicated the final price on the web system they were using. I didn't get an invoice, so I called them to ask why. They told me that the floor bidders have priority vs internet bidders. Now they changed their web-based system to clearly indicate if you are the winner of a particular lot.
  6. I could not remember and had to look... one has clearly enge 1, the other looks more like 10 or 11. According to Brekke, these coins should be edge 1. Take a look and tell me what you think....
  7. Be nice guys! Believe me that not all women are after money. This rumour is yet another Chinese fake. and welcome to the 21st century...
  8. I purchased this coin a few months ago. Recently I received a message from the seller indicating that someone is doubting it's authenticity. I don't know how many Georgian enthusiasts there are out there, but if you have comments on this piece, please let me know.
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