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    Deals in Indian coins and Paper money!

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  1. I can help you in writing articles on Indian coins and paper money. Kindly check my signature for few sample articles that I wrote for my blog PM if interested!
  2. The coin is in circulation at present. So, is available for its face value
  3. Unable to view the coin...
  4. Create a personal website if you have a big collection to sell. Creating a website will require minimal amount of money and more of hard work
  5. qsera

    Cleaning coins

    I read in a magazine that cleaning old coins with lemon juice and a soft cloth would be helpful to remove the dirt. Don't know if this would keep the collection safe, but thought of sharing it here to get different views from the experts.
  6. Hi friends, I am a newbie here and thought of beginning the journey by introducing myself. I have keen interest in collecting Indian coins and paper money. I hope I enjoy my stay here
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