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  1. Instead of doing that, you can use conversion factor: .0321507466 = ounce/gram conversion factor .00220462262 = pound/gram conversion factor So the value of a Mercury silver dime which weighs 2.5 grams and has composition of 90% silver and 10% copper could be calculated as: 1. Calculate 90% silver value: 21.73 (silver price) ×.0321507466 (conversion factor) × 2.5 (coin’s weight) × .90 (percentage silver ) = $1.5719303781 2. Calculate 10% copper value : 3.2819 × .00220462262 × 2.5× .10 = $0.0018086 3. Add the two together: $1.5719303781 + $0.0018086 = $1.5737389781 $1.5737389781 is the total melt value for Mercury silver dime on October 7, 2013. Source: coinflation.com
  2. Amazing coins. The artistry on coins from Asia and Middle East leaves me in awe and this Korean coin is no exception. And yes, I wasn’t aware about “fun” coins. A funtastic discovery for me
  3. Wow!! Amazing coins, stunned by the artistry on these coins. These coins don’t have a strong collector base, though I’m not much sure of it.
  4. I’d say never clean your coin. An awkward looking coin can get you more value than one that’s cleaned to look like a sparkling new one. Instead, put your efforts in finding someone who’d be interested to buy the very coin you have, with the mint date and mint it’s struck at. You get more for your coin with a coin collector than a coin dealer.
  5. Whao!! Dramatic coin designs. Guess the Chinese’s contributions to the world of coins are popular dragon designs and…. the lunar series coins. World’s most reputed government mints including the U.K. mint, Canadian mint through to the Australian Perth mint issue coins that honor the Chinese lunar year. This year for the first time in the U.K. mint’s history of 1,100 years, they issued silver Britannia with a privy marked rim. The privy mark on the rim is of a Chinese snake that represents the “Year of the Snake”.
  6. Very nice! It’s definitely a neat mistake, a clear example of machine doubling.
  7. IF the coin is worth huge (if found legit) and IF you want to sell it off, have the coin assayed by a reputable company. Good luck
  8. Glad it seems like you are interested in collecting coins and enjoy digging deep for their historical significance. Thanks for sharing the Russian connect, I love history
  9. I wonder where you spotted this coin. These days I’m keenly looking for dollar bill with minting error. Guess it’s much tougher to spot dollar bill error than coins…. Hey this can be a topic for another thread!!
  10. Wow, what a collection. I’m curious to know how long you have been collecting coins. The ancient Muslim coin is the cynosure of the collection. Good to see that you haven’t cleaned the coins, which eventually decreases the coin’s value.
  11. Doesn’t seem like minted on a reused planchet…. Having said that, I’m not a pro at coins so my assessment might be off the mark. Looks like the coin you have has been in circulation.
  12. Even if they are fake, you don’t need to be disheartened. You haven’t lost any money; they were just lying there in the attic.
  13. I've really enjoyed going over your knowledge of the coin, CCG. It was interesting to know about the coin in such a great detail. Thanks.
  14. Whoa! That’s very informative, I didn’t know about coin valuation in such great depth. Beautiful coin.
  15. That looks like Lincoln cent with double die obverse. The 2012 Lincoln cent features a union shield. I’m a fan of the U.S. coins with President’s effigy. I gifted my little coin enthusiast nephew Benjamin Franklin half dollar and his face lit up with delight
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