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  1. I went and filed a police report last night. I'm on the fire department in our town so the cops know me and are cool. I sat down with the sargent and he said he was going to call and threaten her...boy did that work. 1/2 hour after I left he called and said she would be calling me and refunding my money. She left a message that pretty much said that if I want to send the bills back she will refund the money. Is this girl that stupid that she things these are real?!
  2. I should have known better, that rule, "if it's too good to be true..." stands, that's my new life motto!
  3. Yeah, I've called her but she seems to think the deal was legit. I'm going to call once more today and say I'm filing the report tonight If I don't hear back from her. Someone mentioned this might be federal too since it's money, could this be a big issues dealing with feds to?
  4. Also, she only has two feedback but those are for REAL coins so one would assume that bills would be real too. I'm getting advice from others and everyone has said it's fraud no doubt so today I'm going to file the police report.
  5. ...just so I'm clear, there are no bills smaller than our current currency in $100's right? Like, these are really not legit?
  6. title TEN $100.00 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES IN SMALL NOTE SIZE description: YOU ARE BIDDING ON 1 PKG OF TEN 100.00 DOLLAR BILLS IN WRAPPER. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE IN SMALL SIZE THEY ARE EXTRA CRISP. LET PICTURE BE YOUR JUDGE. Misleading...no? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 Category it's in is for real currency, or so one would think. I don't think she did this by mistake, everything is planned too well. The pictures(no scale), the wording(small size) and even required insurance.
  7. OK, well, you guys were right it was a scam. Now, I'm out $965...great. From that auction wouldn't you think they were real bills?! Well, I got them in the mail and it's "small" novalty bills. I called her up and she said the description said that's what they are but I told her in the collection industy that's not what it means. I told her I was going to contact the authorities and she said she was going to talk to the person who sold them to her. Any ideas on what I should do? She said she made no false statements in the description and she thinks that these are worth $965?! I'm mad, and
  8. That coin is really really nice...not sure what I would do. Is this a coin you've always wanted and would be happy with?
  9. Lets hope so or my girl is never going to let me use eBay again!
  10. Well, if I purchased $1000's worth of paper I'm going to be upset.
  11. Well, people havn't see these bills in so long I wonder if they would know what to do when they got them. The pen thing wont work on them so if I cashed them wonder what would happen.
  12. I tried the old investment speach...didn't work so well! But I have paid less for everything than book value, so that's good...and if shiat hits the fan I can walk in to a bank and cash it in.
  13. How many of you have a certain budget you can spend on coins/currency each month. I think I'm going to have to set one after this month...my girlfriend my leave me when she sees what I spent!
  14. It's going...just slowly. I'm getting better at it as I go, I can kind of watch TV and scan/crop/save at the same time now. What I got so far. http://www.ryandetzel.com/notes/images/view.pl
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