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  1. hi @Webcazadora, With Roman bronze, please specify size and weight. "possibly Roma or Brittania on the back?" The reverse is Roma seated, with Victory on hand. It symbolizes the military supremacy ("Victory") of the city of Rome. I read (ANTO)NINVS AVG PI - VS PP which is a common title of (indeed) the emperor Antoninus Pius, reign 135-160.. "I took the following coin to my local Numismatist and they could not identify it." That does not surprise me. I don't think your coin can be identified exactly. There's supposed to be a reverse inscription on this coin, identifying
  2. Can't say anything definite, without size/weight. On first sight, this is a modern (fantasy) forgery, based on early medieval "Victory-with-palm" Byzantine imitation, Western Europea Tremissis, mainly France.. The portrait gives it away IMHO.. It could be anglosaxon of some kind (I'm not an expert) but it looks to sharp and too stylized for France.. the reverse (Victory wityh Palm) was uncommon in England.. I don't think the obverse and reverse are a suitable combination for a genuine Tremissis or Thrymsa !
  3. Very nice startout for a collection ! ALEXANDER BASILEIOS reverse. Much later than Alexander himself. These types are city coinage imitations. Also, beware of dangerous forgeries like this one I would say your coin is genuine though.. light double strike.. Mesembria, Thrace, c. 175 - 125 B.C., Civic Issue See FA - Shop for some more examples.
  4. What's this ? Someone submitted it at our Facebook group (muntenbodemvondsten) Thanks for any answer ! Lx Goodies
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